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Unearthing My Being

Hey love, I’m Kendall ~ if you’ve stumbled on this page, you may already know me as an Intuitive Transformation Mentor, a Green Witch, an Earth Priestess…

And if not, well know ya know ;)

But the purpose of this post is not to tell you about my credentials, or what exactly I do, but instead to share some big shifts and transformations that came into my life and how I went from ‘playing’ entrepreneur and giving away my power unknowingly to stepping into my full essence, my sensual being, and embodying my magnetizing energy.

Years ago I didn’t even dream about being where I am now in life because I really didn’t think I was capable of this path, I didn’t know I was a healer or a leader, I didn’t know I had immense magic and power within me.

I think this is important to note because we often look at people and think “Wow I could never be there, it must have come so easy and natural to her”.

And the truth? It really fucking didn’t. It does now, because of the identity and embodiment shifts I’ve made. But it really didn’t for so long.

I had always been an overachiever from a young age, getting good grades, getting into a good college and graduating cum laude and with that came a lot of internal and external pressure on who I was "supposed to be". And when I felt this pull to living a different kind of life, one more unconventional, where I could travel, and be lit up, this hustle mentality and overachiever came with it.

And I approached personal development and the entrepreneurial path from that place. Being a constant training and course taker, and investor in myself. Which is an amazing thing by the way (when it’s aligned)! But I wasn’t fully integrating and embodying what I was learning.

And this path started to uproot parts of myself that I didn’t even know were there.

Simply by choosing this path and more deeply working on my inner self more than ever, my intuitive gifts started opening up in a way that freaked me the fuck out. Imagine having visions, seeing a baby spirit in your bathroom, and hearing a man’s voice when no one was around? I was freaked out to say the least! So, as it often happens, my body shut these senses off out of fear.

And I started to notice that there was something with my sensuality and sexuality that I was having a hard time accessing. I could feel there were energetic "blocks" in my sacral and throat chakras. It really began to take its toll on my relationship, as well, and got the hit that this was affecting my business success.

I had the tools, I had the trainings, I would do self-hypnotherapy, Reiki, NLP, but I was ignoring some of these deeper parts of myself. Or rather, I didn’t know fully how to access them or what they were.

Now, you may know that when we hide things from ourselves, sometimes they just come right out to play when we least expect it.

And that’s what happened to me. There was a week I was having so much fear come up around money (and mind you I had done a lot of the money mindset work up to this point). I couldn’t get myself to a trusting place, and was relying on my partner to “make” me feel better. I was disconnected from my own power and confidence in my work.

That week, I was driving to visit my mother and there was dead stop traffic on the way to visit her. I came to a stop and looked in my rear view and saw a guy quite far away and thought “Huh, he seems to be going fast, but there’s so much space”. And as he got closer my mind realized, “Oh shit he’s not gonna stop”. Then boom! He hit me going 40 mph while I was dead stopped.

The injuries from it affected me on quite a few different levels, making it difficult to work and be on a computer because of the vertigo and headaches, hard to do the part-time work I was doing at the time because I couldn't drive for a bit or lift things. And it uprooted so much energetically for me to look at.

The universe reminded me that in the journey of personal development, the real work, comes from unearthing what we’ve really buried deep, even under all the new knowledge we acquired to help us change our beliefs and mindset.

And love, community, situations started magnetizing in my path to help these things come to the surface.

I began to realize things about myself and my sexuality - that I’m someone that can have love for anyone, not just a specific gender. That I was craving a partner or love that could meet me on all levels - energetically and spiritually, not just physically and mentally. And I realized that there were things I so deeply wanted to explore in my sexuality.

Once I opened up to my at-the-time partner about this, I felt immediate shifts in my identity and embodiment. Using my voice to share something so vulnerable and scary and owning my sensuality and sexual being, I immediately felt something click.

You know those moments, when you “know” something, but it finally hits lower in your body and you feel and understand it “for real” this time?

This was one of those. I healed so much in my throat and sacral chakras in that moment, and I instantly felt that I could help guide people through their own transformation. I instantly felt the embodiment of a leader, a guide, a healer. And I finally felt trusting and confident in my abilities and what I could offer.

Because of the symptoms I was experiencing, I was forced more than ever to really slow down and be with the earth more. I went into the forest almost everyday, as it was the only thing that helped ease the symptoms, and dove deeper into my ritual and earth magic practices.

It was from this shift that I honed the craft of what I know call Earth Magic ~ diving deeper into embodying my own sensuality, shifting at the subconscious and identity levels, cultivating my mission and energetics through a deep relationship with the earth, and allowing my intuitive abilities to be opened and honed again and I finally learned to manage my energy as an empath and psychic.

And this shift? It led to my first $10,000 sales month 3 months later (after making just about $500/month prior).

My traumatic car accident left me feeling raw, but craving to give into a desire that could no longer remain buried like treasure in soil. I came to finally understand I needed to access my sensual being, give more attention to my sexuality, more love and care to what that meant and looked like. This was the missing piece that was preventing me from fully transforming, living, and feeling complete. This was the piece that helped me truly access my magnetizing energy.

This doesn’t mean a traumatic accident has to happen to shed light on your need for a full transformation of embodiment. Sometimes an AHA moment can result from a slower, more gradual process.

When I realized that in order to step fully into my power, I had to first step into my sensuality and deepen that connection to Mother Earth, suddenly that car accident was just a car accident. It wasn’t traumatic. To this day it serves as a memory of unearthing what was truly needed, a presented opportunity to see more possibility. A gift.

If you’re ready for a shift like this (minus the universal wake up call ;) ), to step into your full embodiment, so you can show up for your purpose and mission on this earth, I’d love to support you.

I would love to offer you a free Magic Activation call (schedule that here) ~ to support you on what I intuitively see will help you move forward on your path, or what may be holding you back - and this is where we can also explore working together and if one of my programs might support your journey.

Much love,


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