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Yoni Crystals

Ethically sourced and vibrationally charged crystal yoni eggs and wands

Yoni is a Sanksrit word meaning "Sacred Space". And the more we create connection with our own sacred space, the more we can bring this sacred sexuality into partnership. It is highly encouraged to cultivate a deeper relationship with your own Yoni to "self source" your sexuality.

If you desire to come to one of our in person retreats, we will also be working with/teaching practices with the yoni eggs and wands. 

These eggs and wands are sourced via Yoni Crystals because they have the best quality and ethical labor practices I've found. There are absolutely no toxic chemicals used to make these.

Some of the benefits of working with these crystals:

  • Increases sensual, feminine energy and passion.

  • Awakens creative energy to channel into life.

  • Heals physical and emotional trauma in the womb.

  • Builds yoni strength and pelvic floor (PC) muscle control.

  • Reduces PMS and menstrual cramps.

  • Develops a better understanding of female anatomy.

  • Improves overall health; boost immunity, improve sleep, enhance concentration and reduce stress.

  • Cultivates feelings of self-worth & connection.

  • Regulates hormones & balance estrogen levels

If you have any questions, please reach out!

xo Kendall Nichole

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