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Birth & Postpartum Doula Services

☥ Birth & Postpartum Doula ☥ Pre-Conception ☥ Postpartum Womb Healing ☥  Abortion + Miscarriage support ☥ 

Based in Nevada City, CA

My background and approach

Our modern society has forgotten or let go of the supports we once had in the birthing space. We see a lot of fear and unnecessary medical intervention, women without proper emotional and physical support during and after. My mission and desire is to be a part of the shift to integrating ancient ways into the modern world, supporting and holding you in this journey, bringing in ritual and ceremony as desired, and most importantly being there for emotional, physical, and energetic space holding before, during, and after labor. While also honoring and meeting you where you are at, and with the understanding that Western medicine very much has it's place and at time is needed. 

I began this journey of Birth Doulaship after my own near death pregnancy experience that lit a fire in me to support women. Because pregnancy can be a magickal journey of heightened intuition and sensation, a time to be closer with the earth and Spirit, and birth a profound initiation. And I want to be there to hold that space with and for you, so that you feel held and your body can do what it was made to do.

I am mentored and trained by Doula Thrive, my teachers are world class Birth and Postpartum doulas. I am a Venusian Rose Priestess, energy worker, herbalist, and ritualist with backgrounds in hands on feminine bodywork, NLP, and coaching.

I'm interested in working with you/would like more information :)

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

Birth Doula Services Include:

  • 1 30-Minute Consultation

  • Up To 3 75-Minute Prenatal Sessions (usually starting no later than 34 weeks)

  • Assistance Preparing A Birth Plan Unique To Your Personal Wishes

  • Unlimited Phone & Email Correspondence Throughout The Prenatal & Postpartum Period

  • Guaranteed Doula Backup

  • 24/7 On Call Services From 37 - 42 Weeks

  • Continuous Support Throughout Labor & Delivery

  • 2 Hours Of Immediate Postpartum Support

  • Up To 2 60 Minute Postpartum Sessions

Postpartum Services:


For those consciously wanting to conceive, it can be beautiful to prepare your body and womb beforehand. There are certain practices we can work with that are not safe once you are pregnant, but can greatly support the womb for the prenatal/labor process and even increase fertility, and can work more consciously with the conception phase (bringing in magic, ceremony, ritual). As well as, somatic alchemy sessions to unwind within the nervous system past experiences or patterns that you wish to work with before getting pregnant. These sessions can include teaching you practices and tools to work with yourself and if you're local we can do in person hands on session. There is also the option to come for a full day or weekend in-person immersion, followed by distance integration sessions.

Other Service Options 

After 6 Weeks Postpartum

If you desire more support after your initial postpartum stage, we can bring in some of the tools and techniques (similar to what we do in the pre-conception phase) to support with womb and yoni healing, nervous system integration and energy healing. Often times, you receive a couple of postpartum sessions from a doula after your birth, but a lot of women are not taught in society how to regenerate, rejuvenate, and heal their womb, tighten their pelvic floor, and support their breasts after the initial postpartum stage. I feel this is highly important and can totally impact your baby's experience as well <3

This can be from a distance or similarly to above we can work with hands on feminine bodywork sessions in-person or in an in-person immersion format with integration sessions from a distance.

Learn more about the hands on temple bodywork sessions here.

Together we will create a personalized postpartum program based on your desires and needs <3

These can be incredibly supportive and healing after 6 weeks postpartum (you want to wait 6 weeks for these), especially if there were any traumatic experiences during the labor. I also highly recommend these for any miscarriage or abortion experiences.

Not sure what kind of support you desire? Or want to feel out our alignment and fit? Schedule a free consultation:

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