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Testimonials and Client Love Notes


1:1 Clients

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Soul Grounded - Group Program 2019

Soul Grounded - Group Program 2019


Soul Grounded - Group Program 2019


Goddess Activation 1:1 Version Spring 2021
An amazing 19 year old woman!


"The experience of Goddess Activation and working with Kendall was nothing short of magical. Through this container my life shifted in massive ways. GA was a beautiful call to my spirit to remember the intrinsic power I have, and the one-on-one sessions with Kendall made me feel so supported as I stepped more into that power. I recommend this program to any woman who wants to get more in touch with her magic, regardless of where she is on her journey. It is such a beautiful container to explore and grow <3"

Olivia - Brand Mentor, Psychic
Goddess Activation 1:1 Version Spring 2021


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"When we started this journey, I knew that I had very deep wounds from past relationships, experiences and attachments to unfulfilling friendships. I learned to move into those feelings, love my body and its expression, to love the flow and ebb of internal tides and emotions. I learned to call my experience - Wisdom, I learned to call my trauma, the Sad Sister and love into her. 

I rely on my love of self to heal and move through the world in a softer expression.

I learned to practice more, to use techniques of self awareness, physical embodiment of my feminine gifts, expressions of love and understanding, to practice and hold boundaries sensibly. 

I learned to befriend my intuition. This silent, but potent goddess of my self-domain. The watcher. In the past, I would feel it and then passively ignore it. My intuition does not argue with me if I don't listen and act, it just lets me be where I am. I listen now and follow her advice first.

Being here with you has brought a magical quality to my life, and my daily practice.


Now I'm loving the connections I've made on this path; connections to Spirit, to my people, my family, my ancestors, and our Great Mother. I'm inspired to reach further and deeper.

With Love 

a'Ho my little sister, a Hummingbird spirit, lover of all that moves in grace. "

JoJo - Horse Whisperer, Wild Woman, Sensualist
Goddess Activation 1:1 Version Fall 2020


"Over this short amount of time, I've grown soo much, deepened my connection with myself, my spirituality, grounded myself in ways I thought I couldn't. Kendall is so warm, understanding, healing... I cannot stress enough my gratitude for having her help me through this crazy human experience"
-Ayla H.

Soul Grounded Spring 2019

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"Three months ago I was definitely in a very confused space in my life. I felt anxious about my passions, fulfilling my purpose,  and the one thing that felt like a soulful yes to me was taking this program. My body was inhabiting a state of dis-ease for the past 4 years, which manifested in re-occurring yeast infections and general vaginal imbalance. My mental health was at a state of influx due to the nature of the pandemic, feelings of isolation and being misunderstood. 

My life has changed drastically within the timeframe of the program. I now understand the concept of embodiment, feminine flow and being. Kendall has helped me to remember who I am, and that my purpose is to be exactly who I am in this moment. 

My body is at a more restful state and I'm so grateful for that. My relationship with myself and my loved ones had gone through radical and drastic shifts during the time of the program, and Kendall was there to support and guide me through it all.

I feel empowered and confident with who I am. I've started a podcast, signed up for a coaching certification, shifted my perspective on performance and career, and have the courage to start the journey of seeking residence outside of my family home - all thanks to Kendall's empowerment codes and magic".

Vanessa - Podcast Host, Coach
Goddess Activation 1:1 Version Spring 2021



"Soul Grounded is a Magical Experience!!

All of my adult life, I’ve struggled with toxic relationships, bouts of crippling anxiety and depression, and feelings of unworthiness. By the end of the program, I felt whole, more connected to source, and able to live as my truest self.

Kendall’s love and genuine caring for others is evident in all she does.

Soul Grounded has done just that... Grounded my soul and given me peace.

Kendall helped me get to the core of my limiting beliefs and taught me ways to release them. She gave me the tools to find and live as my truest self. After working with Kendall, I don't feel 'stuck' anymore. 

I feel empowered!

Good things are falling into place!

I AM achieving my dreams!"

- Carol K.


Soul Grounded Spring 2019

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