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In Person Sessions

1:1 Sessions with Kendall are available in Downtown Nevada City.

These are all 1:1 session offerings below. Private retreats, group workshops or presentations available by request (these can be done with companies, college groups, schools, teens, etc). 1-Off sessions are available and it may be recommended to do a series depending on your desires and what brings you here. Book a session below or reach out with questions. 

Bay Area/Marin: infrequently, I am available for a few sessions in Sausalito, Marin County. Contact me at to get on the waitlist:

60 Libertyship Way

Sausalito, CA 94965

Somatic Bodywork & Abdominal Massage

This methodolodogy blends somatic experiencing, energy work, and bodywork (particularly working with the head, neck, jaw, shoulders and upper body, abdomen. This is not sensual massage, there is no genital stimulation. A byproduct of these sessions is that it can support your connection to your body and nervous system and deepen capacity for intimacy, but note I do not offer sessions working directly with the sex centers. If you are looking for somatic work and emotional support I'm happy to be of support. These also can be supportive for pain patterns within the body or patterns/blocks around intimacy by helping you to isolate relaxation of regions that are holding and to let energy freely move through the body. My approach is different because I invite you to be an active participant in the process of your own unwinding, the bodywork allows us to get deeper into parts of the body where energy and emotions are stored, and there will be invitations to dive deeper, but it also asks you to be willing to go there and let yourself feel. 

Abdominal work stimulates many organs as many of our organs are housed within the abdomen. The jaw help to loosen and open the sacral area, and the heart to integrate into wholeness. This can be helpful for emotional healing, trauma release, nervous system resiliency, jaw tension, rerouting a healthy flow of chi, somatic healing, and digestive health.

These sessions were originally developed for women for womb healing & trauma release, but have been adapted and refined for male clients, who have been getting great results. 

We've been seeing pain patterns for over a decade unwinding more than they have with other modalities, knots or lumps in the body there for years reducing in size, nervous system resiliency after deep rooted trauma resulting in deepened intimacy and better relationships...

I believe that deepening our capacity for intimacy is directly related to our nervous system capacity, hence why I have the approach that I do.

Note, while clients often come to me for support with blocks around intimacy or past traumas (and I love supporting people to have better relationships) - these sessions are not "sensual massage" or sexual at all and I do not offer prostate work or any genital work for men. If you are wanting a sensual massage please look elsewhere. If you are looking for healing rooted in subtle energetics, emotional healing techniques, and physical unwinding, I'm happy to support. These "blocks" in intimacy are often rooted in unresolved emotions within the body and I believe we can alchemize these and build our capacity with this simple approach.

This is hands on bodywork/massage, yet is also energy work and therapeutic, as we work with many layers.



Somatic Integration & Energy Body Clearing

A blend of somatic experiencing, therapeutic techniques, energy practices, and hands on energy work

Reiki Sessions Also Available.

Remote Clients

Have questions or want to request a session, retreat, or workshop?

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.



I'm feeling very calm and settled. My partner and I really feel a big shift in how emotionally sturdy I have been. Continued improvement in our intimacy, as well. Just really closer than we have ever been.

- Anonymous Client

Kendall holds beautiful space. She made me feel safe and supported, like she was in the experience with me but also supporting me. It was very nurturing to be held like that while being in such a vulnerable state. Her Three Cauldrons session was deeply healing for me! I highly recommend her to assist you in releasing trauma in a safe space!


I've never had this combination of body and energy work before but highly recommend if you're wanting to release trauma, move through energetic blocks or just cultivate a deeper relationship to your feminine body in the presence of an attuned, skillful other.

I felt called to work with Kendall because I have some energetic blocks sexually that I think are tied to trauma held in my body that isn't normally accessible in my everyday consciousness.

The whole session was just held really beautifully and sensitively, from talking over my intentions over herbal tea in her beautiful garden space, to the attention to detail opening the shamanic container in the session room, to checking in about how the session had been afterwards.

I wasn't expecting to have such a profound, noticeable trauma release in the session, I experienced cathartic shaking, crying, and releasing of stuck trauma during the massage. I never felt alone and Kendall was perfectly attuned to my pacing, I felt safe to feel what I needed to feel and really felt like I was able to let something go and felt more spaciousness afterwards.

This is deep sacred work and Kendall guides you empathically and skillfully, you couldn't be in better hands.

- Anonymous Client

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