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The Key to Creating Magick when Things are Crumbling

Your capacity to trust life directly relates to the amount of Magick you see unfolding around you. We have agency and choice. To let our experiences of the past break us down - leaving us bitter, self shaming, and mistrusting of god, the masculine, money. Or to learn to unlayer the distortions and find a deeper rooted connection to our center,

and trust in the Magick of life. A trust in humanity. In ourselves. There were so many times I could’ve decided not to trust ~ all the times my heart was “broken” the time I filed bankruptcy the year when I felt like I was on an acid trip all the time (completely sober) and learning to adjust to my new state of energy the time I almost died and grieved a pregnancy. Just to name a few. And through all of it, I always gave myself space to feel, process, release But I watched the moments where I would get stuck, and I learned to navigate my way through. As I laid in the hospital I KNEW that was a huge initiation for me and would be a big shift in how I was of service in the world. I grieved, yet felt so surrendered to that experience. When we find ourselves mistrusting the unfolding of our path, mistrusting money, mistrusting men, we walk around with contraction in our body. And that contraction blocks us from actually receiving. We unconsciously push away support, love, opportunity and cultivate a self fulfilling prophecy. And the cycle continues ~ “see here’s the evidence of why I can’t trust and things aren’t working out”, more contraction, more repulsion.

Let’s say you’re in a relationship and you’re holding a fear of abandonment, and you unconsciously look for little things your partner does as evidence of why they might leave you. This likely brings up contraction in the body, perhaps you withdraw your love as a form of protection, and it ends up pushing them away. ⁣ But what if you held a trust that if this came to an end, it would be exactly what would need to happen and perhaps it would lead you to something even more divine?⁣ When you hold that trust, your field opens, your energy softens, and you can actually deepen into intimacy here and now. And perhaps this person can then lean in with their love even more. So how do you build this trust? By building capacity and resiliency in the nervous system.⁣ Allow yourself to soften in the center of your chest, slow and deepen your breathing. ⁣ Give yourself even a moment to step out of the mind ⁣. What would it feel like to trust that everything is exactly as it should be? Even if it’s not comfortable right now. What if this exact initiation you’re experiencing right now is what allows you to transform your leadership and change the lives of so many people?⁣ What if it’s exactly what leads you to the most divine love? ⁣ Or maybe when you “lose it all” you surrender so much that it actually created space for the best business idea you’ve ever had?⁣ When you build the capacity of your nervous system, you create more space to live in this realm of possibility and opportunity. If this resonates… I'd love to hear from you and how this is showing up for you in your life, my inbox is open <3 Much love,


p.s. And if you feel called to journey deeper in this realms, let's explore - book a free initial 30-min call and we can feel out how we may align to work together. And whether it's aligned or not, you'll walk away with more clarity and direction to move your forward.

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