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How I Became an Intuitive Intimacy & Relationship Coach

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In a world where intimate relationships are often clouded by past traumas, emotional disconnect, and physical dissonance, there exists a path less traveled, a path illuminated by diving deep into the worlds of energy, somatics, and the subconscious mind. Over the years, my path has evolved, but my journey to become an intuitive intimacy & relationship coach was birthed from a blend of my own deep initiation and my drive and desire to always learn more and curiosity about intuition and the subconscious mind. Now, I am an intuitive intimacy coach, specializing in womb and pelvic care and nervous-system-based practices.

My journey in these realms began from a desire to live life a different way, to find what my passions truly were, and how I wanted to support others. In 2018, I began working with a coach to figure that out, and was introduced to Reese Evans from Yes Supply while in her program. She took us through a guided hypnotherapy session and I had never felt anything like it! My whole body was tingling the entire time and I felt so dropped into my body. Right around this time, my intuition began opening (at times in a way that freaked me out), and began seeing/hearing spirits and being deeply tuned into my intuitive sense. It was after this I felt a strong draw to study with Reese in Yes Supply and learn methods of Hypnotherapy and tools to work with the subconscious mind. This was in late 2018 in one of her early cohorts!

Womb & Pelvic Care: An Initiative Journey in Intimate Relationships

Diving into the realm of energy work, NLP, and relationship coaching wasn't a conventional one. It was a journey birthed from profound personal experiences, and came from a need to learn how to work with my own energy. Once my senses blew open, for almost a year I felt high all the time, had sometimes unsettling experiences, and couldn’t work like I used to. These tools deeply helped me to learn to work with my own body and energy, and begin to understand when I was feeling myself, and when I was feeling others (empathic senses). This is the journey that would eventually lead me to empower women to heal and thrive in their own intimate lives.

Over time, this intuitive and energy approach blended with a passion for the womb. The foundation of my work as an intimacy coach lies in supporting women who have experienced womb trauma. This trauma can manifest in various forms, from sexual experiences to miscarriages, abortions, or the challenges of labor. Many women carry these wounds silently, attempting to "move on" but unknowingly experiencing disconnection from their bodies and missing the essence of true intimacy. Others live with the daily impact on their nervous systems, a constant reminder of the trauma they carry within.

For me, this journey was ignited by a life-altering pregnancy, that had I not been brought to the hospital when I was, I would have died. It was this experience that initiated me deeper into the world of the womb. I deepened this path to learn how to hold myself through the most challenging times, unwind somatic trauma, and reestablish safety within my body and nervous system.

My reverence for pregnancy and birth deepened in ways I had never felt before. The womb emerged as a powerful portal of creation, and the cervix, a bridge to the spirit world. I recognized the sacred space they represented, deserving of the utmost respect and care.

A Journey into Temple Arts and Womb Work

My path led me deep into the world of temple arts and womb work, culminating in a transformation that left me stronger on the other side. I had come to understand how these experiences could profoundly impact our intimacy, heart openness, physical sensations, and even our overall physical well-being.

Womb and pelvic care are vital elements of holistic well-being, and I am a firm believer that it should be as normalized as any other form of bodywork or holistic care. Every woman should have the knowledge and wisdom to intimately connect with her body, and through that connection, unwind into the depths of her power.

This path isn't about isolation or repression; it's about integration, wholeness, and opening our hearts to life's full spectrum. It has allowed me to refine my sexuality and to share it with myself, with spirit, and with a partner. I have cultivated deeper intimacy in my life than ever before, all while remaining in harmony with my heart's desires.

Cultivating Safety in the Nervous System

Central to my work as an intuitive intimacy coach is the belief that cultivating safety in the nervous system is a crucial step towards achieving true intimacy. By helping women harness the power of their womb and pelvic regions, I enable them to open their hearts and experience deeper intimacy and love in their lives. This is why I now blend my backgrounds in working with the subconscious mind, nervous system, and energy work with the womb work.

As an energy intuitive, temple arts practitioner, assistant to Shona Keeli of the Rose Lineage, and doula, my mission is to guide women on a journey toward deeper confidence, expanded pleasure, and a profound connection with themselves and the spirit. This journey is one infused with magic, leading them to a life that resonates deeply with their heart's desires.

My vision is that women can look around at their lives and feel a profound sense of peace, knowing they have co-created a life filled with love, intimacy, and the magic of their own making. It's a journey worth embarking upon, and as an intuitive intimacy coach, it's a privilege to accompany women on this path of profound self-discovery and healing.

Much love,


P.S. If you feel called to study the subconscious mind and learn powerful tools for change, you can sign up for the waitlist here .

Or sign up right away for Feb 2024 (and you'll receive a free coaching session with me)

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