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Embodied Dreamer, hand crafted and slow-infused the folk way. Vivid Dreams | Sensual | Intuitive | Womb Healer


Drop into your sensual intuitive. Use to enhance a more vivid dream state and dream work.

Support in deeper accessing of intuitive states or in meditation. Supports womb/hara clearing, cycle regulation, and easing of pms.

Good for all bodies.


Made with foraged Mugwort and organic Damiana, and blended with local Northern Californian honey. It is a potent blend.


Anglo-Saxon tribes believed that the aromatic mugwort was one of the nine sacred herbs given to the world by the god Woden. It’s known to be a third eye activator and can make dreams more vivid and easier to remember. I’ve also had a friend who passed away visit me in a lucid dream after working with mugwort. Damiana is a nervine and mood lifter. Do not use while pregnant.

Embodied Dreamer Elixir

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