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This necklace was handmade using a beautiful, whole abalone shell as the centerpiece. The abalone are farm-raised and the colors on the outside are all natural and un-polished.


Wear the necklace two ways! Show the outside for a unique color combination, or the pearlized inside for a classic abalone look.


Note, all shells are unique and may not look like pictured, but I can send you photos of options to see your preference.


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    ~ The abalone shell is about 1.25″ long
    ~ The first tier length is adjustable: 13″, 14″, & 15″ – If you need a custom length do not hesitate to ask!
    ~ The extension hangs 3″ below the first tier

    ~NOTE: Sizes and colors of abalone shells will vary slightly with each shell as each is naturally unique!


    ~ The shells are fragile, so store with care
    ~ Avoid getting wet to prolong life of the jewelry

  • I believe in what I create and also want you to love it! So if you don't (I'm sure you will ;) ) let's chat! 

    Things can be returned unless its herbs that have been used but I'm sure we can work something out.

    Please get back within 30 days 

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