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☥ Goddess Activation ☥

3-Month Immersion into Sensual & Earth Magick

Energetic Mastery, Emotional Healing, Womb Work, Earth Magick, Channeling, Sensual Alchemy 

Self-Initiation into the priestess path


Currently as a 1:1 immersion ~ 2 spaces available beginning late June 2022 - get on the waitlist <3

It is through deep inner alchemy and a remembrance of ancient ways, that your Magick can awaken. 


If you're here sister... something I've shared from my own journey has resonated with you. I'll be honest with you, there are a lot of women out there who teach similar things. But we're always guided to those meant to hold space for us. It never needs to feel forced. We are always guided to the medicine that will help launch us forward in some way. You'll know if you're feeling called. And aaaall of the other sensations that may arise in that knowing are welcome.
Goddess Activation is a temple space for the creatrix to flow from within. Equals, with no hierarchy here.

Goddess Activation is a 3-month program - currently self-guided with 3 1:1 sessions for deeper witnessing, guiding, exploration, and healing - that guides you through tools and practices to remember the power of your feminine essence. Your sensuality, your heart, your womb, your Magick, your communion with the plant realms, your ability to magnetize and call in your wildest dreams... And in order to access that, we first dive deep into emotional alchemy, into boundaries and communication, the subconscious mind and the sh*t that's been programmed into us.  Because this is not something to be skipped in the spiritual world - we truly must clear our channel to open to all of the Magick we desire.


We reawaken this Magick within our very cells and re-member how to commune with life, how to commune with the trees (as all beings hold Spirit), how to cycle with the rhythm of our original  Mother.


We reawaken the voice of our womb, because all begins from She. We let go of the stories of what a “sexually embodied woman” should look and feel like and we birth our own forms of sensuality and sexuality as an expression of the divine flowing from our core essence. 


But first we touch the deep layers within, because it is here we must begin. To rewire that which is not ours, to feel what we have not allowed ourselves to feel. This is how we clear our channel.


This is how we open to the Magick.


I invite you sister, to embark this journey with me and us. 


It is a journey that will be with you always, quantum level shifting...

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Image by Danilo Batista

"The experience of Goddess Activation and working with Kendall was nothing short of magical. Through this container my life shifted in massive ways. GA was a beautiful call to my spirit to remember the intrinsic power I have, and the one-on-one sessions with Kendall made me feel so supported as I stepped more into that power. I recommend this program to any woman who wants to get more in touch with her magic, regardless of where she is on her journey. It is such a beautiful container to explore and grow <3"


~ Olivia Griffin

Copywriter and Brand Mentor,

Holistic Healer & Yoga Teacher

If you're here...

You may have been drawn to the way I fully express myself, how open I am to sharing about my sexuality and energetic experiences. How I share not just love and light, but also the dark parts that lead to transformation, the power in alchemizing past pain.

My journey has been dynamic, and too much to share on this page... but I have committed myself to path of Spirit and to the Priestess path. To deep devotion to Mother Earth, and the feminine. To integration of all parts of myself, even the ones that are uncomfortable to look at. To self-exploration and re-wiring the shame and judgement that used to be a huge part of my inner reality.

I feel so grateful for where I am in life... to have been to the depths (where I nearly died) and allowed those moments to transform me, to light a fire under me to support others on their journey. 

If you're called to this work together, it won't be all rainbows and sunshine, but it'll be powerful! And it'll create more space for joy, pleasure, and Magick.

My mission is to not just have women awaken to their magic, but to truly EMBODY it!

I believe that when women align fiercely with their true heart, unlock their intuition, and learn to embody their wild feminine, they become a powerful force. A force of deep authenticity and expression, of alignment and purpose, and of devotion - to Spirit, to love, and themselves.  When you remember your divinity, you can transform the world.


Your purpose and abundance comes naturally when you align with your radiance, sensuality, the earth, and become a clearer channel. You no longer have to try to figure out your path, you are guided on it. 

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This journey may be for you if...

  • You're either feeling stagnant or are simply desiring more in life (and want that to be okay to desire more!) and KNOW life can be more Magickal

  • You find yourself in self-doubt or negative self-beliefs and can't seem to find your way out of them and you want to simply TRUST you can create the life you desire

  • You desire to awaken a deeper connection to your spirituality and the Magick that truly exists in this world

  • You've "lost yourself" in a relationship OR are single and want to reawaken your sovereignty, while also releasing fear and blame of the masculine, so you can feel more confidence, trust, and vocal

  • You have had some sort of womb trauma (sexual assault, miscarriage, abortion, etc. or just a sense that there's something there) and perhaps find yourself identifying with and holding onto the pain OR trying to ignore it ** hint, we all carry emotions in our womb unless we consciously clear them, even if we haven't had a capital T Trauma event ** Alternatively, you may be experiencing vaginal imbalances (chronic yeast infections, UTIs, etc).

  • You feel "energetic blocks" in your sacral or throat chakra and want to release shame around sexuality and experience true pleasure in your life and relationships

  • You are a highly-sensitive person​ and you would love to learn tools to work WITH your emotional and energetic cycles (instead of them working you) and to use your cycles as your greatest superpower instead of a hindrance

  • You want to develop a relationship with your Womb and use your own pleasure as a powerful tool for both emotional alchemy and connection to your Goddess and Wild Feminine expression

  • You have a desire to attract deep sisterhood connections and heal the sisterhood wounds that have been with our society for generations

  • You would love to learn practices to align you deeper with your spirituality, your connection to Spirit/God/the Universe, to have a true relationship with the Earth and her rhythms, and open to abundance in all forms

  • You want to live a life where opportunities are consistency flowing in and you are constantly amazed at the gifts, synchronicities, and confirmations that show up in your path 

  • Or perhaps you're just feeling a call and aren't even exactly sure what it is yet... This is often the case for the women who go through Goddess Activation. You may resonate with one of the above, most of them, or you just feel resonant with the space I'm holding here.

Image by Danilo Batista

"Three months ago I was definitely in a very confused space in my life. I felt anxious about my passions, fulfilling my purpose,  and the one thing that felt like a soulful yes to me was taking this program. My body was inhabiting a state of dis-ease for the past 4 years, which manifested in re-occurring yeast infections and general vaginal imbalance. My mental health was at a state of influx due to the nature of the pandemic, feelings of isolation and being misunderstood. 

My life has changed drastically within the timeframe of the program. I now understand the concept of embodiment, feminine flow and being. Kendall has helped me to remember who I am, and that my purpose is to be exactly who I am in this moment. 

My body is at a more restful state and I'm so grateful for that. My relationship with myself and my loved ones had gone through radical and drastic shifts during the time of the program, and Kendall was there to support and guide me through it all.

I feel empowered and confident with who I am. I've started a podcast, signed up for a coaching certification, shifted my perspective on performance and career, and have the courage to start the journey of seeking residence outside of my family home - all thanks to Kendall's empowerment codes and magic".

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~ Vanessa D. 

Flowers & Wildfire Podcast

the Goddess Activation transformational arc:

Phase 1: Hollow Bone -- energetic clearing and emotional alchemy​

  • Dive into powerful cleansing and purging practices and ritual.

  • Clear out energies that are no longer serving you to make space for the new.

  • Create energetic anchor points to support you through the whole process.​ 

  • Learn about your internal cycles and how to harness the energy of your cycle.

  • Practice powerful tools for emotional alchemy so that you can truly FEEL your emotions and not get stuck there.

Phase 2: Reprogramming -- the mind, relationship dynamics, and polarity

  • Uncover subconscious beliefs at play that may be shaping your external reality, as well as ways to transform them into empowering beliefs.

  • Identify how the wounded and empowered masculine and feminine energetics show up within you.

  • Shift from codependency or hyper-independence to sovereignty and interdependence in relationship.

  • Resolve past pains that have been hard to forgive (romantic relationship, family, etc.)

  • Learn tools to move through triggered states and create more balance in your nervous system. 

  • Learn ways to authentically communicate and express your needs, desires, and boundaries.

Phase 3: Earth Magick & Intuition Activation -- grounded opening of intuition, life as a living prayer 

  • Identify the different types of intuitive senses and how they show up within you. 

  • Learn your body's yes and no responses so you can make clearer choices for your highest alignment. 

  • Deepen your intuition through Earth Magick - the best and safest way to open your channel is to be deeply grounded.

  • Experience Plant Communication.

  • Live life in reverence, prayer, and connection with our Earth Mother.

Phase 4: Radiant Heart, Awakened Womb -- deep self love and sensuality

  • Practice deepening love for yourself - even the shadows.

  • Open your heart - your positive pole - which allows for a softened opening of your womb space.

  • Understand the difference between sensuality and sexuality -- and how living a sensual life allows for a deeper connection to your sexuality.

  • Relax into the feminine state of surrender and play -- your senses help to lay the foundation for your pleasure (and quite literally are your pleasure).

  • Embodiment of the full spectrum of the feminine - the Crone, the Wild Woman, the Maiden, and the Mother.

Phase 5: Sensual Alchemy -- alchemical processing and opening of sensual aliveness

  • Work with a yoni wand, your presence, and your breath to intuitively transform pain into pleasure.

  • Learn to dearmour your yoni and release emotions somatically stuck within her.

  • Find pleasure in emotional movement in all areas of life.

Phase 6: Creatrix ~ magnetism, masculine structure, and integration

  • Channel your sensual energy as a magnetizing force, while maintaining integrity with your heart.

  • Create your own masculine structures to have space for your radiant feminine to flow and attract (abundance, love, etc).

  • Access clarity on your mission

  • The magnetism of alchemy - when we create space for emotional alchemy, we become a clearer channel to attract opportunities, abundance, and align with the highest timeline possible

  • You will remember and feel that you are already whole. This time of integration is a powerful way to bring all of the journey together and launch you deeper onto your path.

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Are you feeling the call to unguard your heart and embrace the Goddess within?

What you'll receive:

The Goddess Activation Course Portal with Weekly Lessons and Modules 

You'll be given a course portal with all of the practices and tools and lifetime access to the materials. Each week has multiple videos or audios.

3 1:1  60-minute Video Sessions per Month

1 Integration week per month

VIP Access via voice/text in Signal Monday-Friday (this is where some real magick can happen, integrating this work into everyday life)

Image by Danilo Batista

"When we started this journey, I knew that I had very deep wounds from past relationships, experiences and attachments to unfulfilling friendships. I learned to move into those feelings, love my body and its expression, to love the flow and ebb of internal tides and emotions. I learned to call my experience - Wisdom, I learned to call my trauma, the Sad Sister and love into her. 

I rely on my love of self to heal and move through the world in a softer expression.

I learned to practice more, to use techniques of self awareness, physical embodiment of my feminine gifts, expressions of love and understanding, to practice and hold boundaries sensibly. 

I learned to befriend my intuition. This silent, but potent goddess of my self-domain. The watcher. In the past, I would feel it and then passively ignore it. My intuition does not argue with me if I don't listen and act, it just lets me be where I am. I listen now and follow her advice first.

Being here with you has brought a magical quality to my life, and my daily practice.


Now I'm loving the connections I've made on this path; connections to Spirit, to my people, my family, my ancestors, and our Great Mother. I'm inspired to reach further and deeper.

With Love 

a'Ho my little sister, a Hummingbird spirit, lover of all that moves in grace. "

~ JoJo Zumwalt

Horse Whisperer,

Witchy Woman,


233330457_802385687104521_7704707475303555987_n (1).jpg

If you're feeling the nudge, even if there are other emotions present (maybe fear or nervousness), I encourage you to take a moment and close your eyes.

Feel where there is any tension in the body and allow presence and breath there. Listen. Allow it to unwind and access your truth underneath. Then ask yourself, is this in alignment with where I want to go? What could be created in this temple space? 

 Allow yourself to feel what's true in your body past the fear and programming. And if it is a sacred no, I so honor you. And if it's a yes, you know what to do ;)

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Welcome love, I feel so blessed to share the most potent tools and practices that have changed the course of my whole life. Much love to you sister!

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