Goddess Activation

A 3-Month Program into your Divinity and Sacred Embodiment

Next round in Sept 2021!


It is through deep inner alchemy and a remembrance of ancient ways, that your Magick can awaken. 

I believe that when women align fiercely with their true heart, unlock their intuition, and learn to embody their wild feminine, they become a powerful force. A force of deep authenticity and expression, of alignment and purpose, and of devotion - to Spirit, to love, and themselves.  When you remember our divinity, you can transform the world.

Your purpose and abundance comes naturally when you align with your radiance, sensuality, the earth, and become a clearer channel. You no longer have to try to figure out your path, you are guided on it.

Goddess Activation is a 3-month mentorship and coaching program that guides you through tools and practices to work with your energetic/emotional cycles as a sensitive being and allow them to be your greatest superpower, to create empowering belief systems at the subconscious level, to awaken your sensuality, and make Magick your default in this life (womb rituals, earth Magick, pleasure alchemy and intuition attunement).

"I am so thankful for investing in myself and moving forward with Goddess Activation. Kendall  held a safe space for my inner divine feminine to be held, honored and expressed. I loved that it was intuitively led and embraced flow. It was also amazing to see the growth I experienced from our first call to our last! My attachment style changed throughout the course of the 3 months from being more anxious + fearful to secure :) She also taught me how to deepen my practices with the divine feminine and invite more pleasure and play! <3"

~ Michelle @innermystic

If you're here...

You may have been drawn to the way I fully express myself, how open I am to sharing about my sexuality and energetic experiences. How I share not just love and light, but also the dark parts that lead to transformation, the power in alchemizing past pain.

My journey has been dynamic, and too much to share on this page... but I have committed myself to path of Spirit. To deep devotion to Mother Earth, and the feminine. To integration of all parts of myself, even the ones that are uncomfortable to look at. To self-exploration and re-wiring the shame and judgement that used to be a huge part of my inner reality.

I feel so grateful for where I am in life... to have been to the depths (where I nearly died) and allowed those moments to transform me, to light a fire under me to support others on their journey. 

If you're called to this work together, it won't be all rainbows and sunshine, but it'll be powerful!

My mission is to not just have women awaken to their magic, but to truly EMBODY it!

This journey may be for you if...

  • You find yourself in self-doubt, sabotaging habits, or negative self-beliefs and can't seem to find your way out of them

  • You are a highly-sensitive person and often feel overwhelmed and overstimulated

  • You would love to learn tools to feel and manage your emotional cycles and to use your cycles as your greatest superpower instead of a hindrance

  • You feel a disconnection from your spirituality or the Magick in the world

  • You've "lost yourself" in a relationship, or are having trouble moving on from one and want to feel more confidence and trust, while also learning to use your voice

  • You have had some sort of womb trauma (sexual assault, miscarriage, abortion, etc.) and find yourself identifying with the pain (usually this looks like telling the story over and over and over and wanting people to feel bad for you).

  • You feel "energetic blocks" in your sacral or throat chakra 

  • You want to release shame around sexuality and experience true pleasure in your life and relationships

  • You want to develop a relationship with your Womb and use your own pleasure as a powerful tool for both emotional alchemy and connection to your Goddess and Wild Feminine expression

  • You have a desire to attract deep sisterhood connections, while also releasing fear or blame around masculine connections 

  • You would love to learn practices to align you deeper with your spirituality, your connection to Spirit/God/the Universe, to have a true relationship with the Earth and her rhythms, and open to abundance in all forms

  • Or perhaps you're just feeling a call and aren't even exactly sure what it is yet... This is often the case for the women who go through Goddess Activation

Screenshot 2020-12-16 214553.png

"I learned about the subtleties within. surrender, surrender, surrender. be gentle with yourself. permission to wake up & ask myself, “what would bring me pleasure today?”⁣

self pleasure? deep breaths? dancing? singing? eating? being? ⁣

permission to ENJOY whatever it is.⁣

often it’s dancing & singing in the bathroom like i’m 8 yrs old again. ⁣

but what i’ve been craving most each day is s u n s h i n e. soaking this meat suit in the pure, blazin, breezy, golden light.⁣

welcoming all light codes. letting in & letting out all the fucks that were once there.⁣"

~ Sarah

the Goddess Activation transformational method:

Phase 1: Hollow Bone -- energetic clearing and emotional alchemy​

  • Dive into powerful cleansing and purging practices and ritual.

  • Clear out energies that are no longer serving you to make space for the new.

  • Create energetic anchor points to support you through the whole process.​ 

  • Learn about your internal cycles and how to harness the energy of your cycle.

  • Practice powerful tools for emotional alchemy so that you can truly FEEL your emotions and not get stuck there.

Phase 2: Reprogramming -- the mind, relationship dynamics, and polarity

  • Uncover subconscious beliefs at play that may be shaping your external reality, as well as ways to transform them into empowering beliefs.

  • Identify how the wounded and empowered masculine and feminine energetics show up within you.

  • Shift from codependency or hyper-independence to sovereignty and interdependence in relationship.

  • Resolve past pains that have been hard to forgive (romantic relationship, family, etc.)

  • Learn tools to move through triggered states and create more balance in your nervous system. 

  • Learn ways to authentically communicate and express your needs, desires, and boundaries.

Phase 3: Earth Magick & Intuition Activation -- grounded opening of intuition, life as a living prayer 

  • Identify the different types of intuitive senses and how they show up within you. 

  • Learn your body's yes and no responses so you can make clearer choices for your highest alignment. 

  • Deepen your intuition through Earth Magick - the best and safest way to open your channel is to be deeply grounded.

  • Experience Plant Communication.

  • Live life in reverence, prayer, and connection with our Earth Mother.

Phase 4: Radiant Heart, Awakened Womb -- deep self love and sensuality

  • Practice deepening love for yourself - even the shadows.

  • Open your heart - your positive pole - which allows for a softened opening of your womb space.

  • Understand the difference between sensuality and sexuality -- and how living a sensual life allows for a deeper connection to your sexuality.

  • Relax into the feminine state of surrender and play -- your senses help to lay the foundation for your pleasure (and quite literally are your pleasure).

  • Embodiment of the full spectrum of the feminine - the Crone, the Wild Woman, the Maiden, and the Mother.

Phase 5: Sensual Alchemy -- alchemical processing and opening of sensual aliveness

  • Work with a yoni wand, your presence, and your breath to intuitively transform pain into pleasure.

  • Learn to dearmour your yoni and release emotions somatically stuck within her.

  • Find pleasure in emotional movement in all areas of life.

Phase 6: Creatrix ~ magnetism, masculine structure, and integration

  • Channel your sensual energy as a magnetizing force, while maintaining integrity with your heart.

  • Create your own masculine structures to have space for your radiant feminine to flow and attract (abundance, love, etc).

  • Anchor your mission, values, and core beliefs.

  • Create and attract your community (whether it's soul family or for your mission work).

  • You will remember and feel that you are already whole. This time of integration is a powerful way to bring all of the journey together and launch you deeper onto your path.

Are you feeling the call to unguard your heart and embrace the Goddess within?

What you'll receive:

The Goddess Activation Course Portal with Weekly Lessons and Modules

You'll be given a course portal with all of the practices and tools and lifetime access to the materials.

13 Weekly Group Ceremony Sessions

Each week, we will meet on Zoom for a coaching session to dive even deeper into these topics, go into practices in real time, and support you through anything that has come up for you.

6 30-min Laser Coaching Sessions

I love to dive deep with each of you. These sessions are a powerful way to dive deeper into sticky moments, to process something that has arisen during the process, or practice one of the tools together.


Sisterhood Group Chat for Real-Time Integration & Support

You'll have access to a group chat with the other sisters in the group as a space of inspiration, celebration, integration and support. I'll personally monitor it M-F to offer support and guidance where I can :) As you navigate these phases, things may come up and it's so powerful to have a space where you can unravel & integrate in real time, as well as someone to celebrate with.

After leading many group programs and working with people 1:1, I've found it so powerful to have a blend. To go deep together 1:1 for true transformation, and to also have connection with like minded sisters and to learn from each others' transformations.

If you sign up by June 30th, you'll also receive these bonuses:

(this isn't some gimmick that I'll actually give everyone after this date, I will be going to Costa Rica for some time and can only send these physical items to people by this date :) )


Goddess Herbal Bundle

You'll be sent a bundle of handmade herbal products from a dear sister <3

The Cycles Journal

I LOVE this journal/planner for tracking your menstrual cycle (or energetic cycle if you no longer bleed) and learning to work with your most powerful superpower.

2 bonus 30-min 1:1 calls 

These calls can be used at any time before our start date to dive into anything you would like support around!

Access to an extended payment plan

By signing up this far in advance, you'll have access to an extended payment plan to help make it even easier to step onto this journey together.


"All of my adult life, I’ve struggled with toxic relationships, bouts of crippling anxiety and depression, and feelings of unworthiness. By the end of the program, I felt whole, more connected to source, and able to live as my truest self.

Kendall’s love and genuine caring for others is evident in all she does.

Kendall helped me get to the core of my limiting beliefs and taught me ways to release them. She gave me the tools to find and live as my truest self. After working with Kendall, I don't feel 'stuck' anymore. 

I feel empowered!

Good things are falling into place!

I AM achieving my dreams!"

~ Carol



If you're feeling the nudge, even if there are other emotions present (maybe fear or nervousness), I encourage you to take a moment and close your eyes. Breathe into the body and ask yourself is this in your highest alignment. Allow yourself to feel what's true in your body past the fear and programming. And if it is a sacred no, I so honor you.

I am receiving just 12 women for this journey. Together we make a group of 13 - this is the number of the Goddess and is a powerful portal to journey with. If you're curious to explore the possibility, I invite you to apply and I would love to chat <3 My promise is to hold space for the possibility, but without pressure or expectation of the outcome. Much love to you sister!