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unearth your power and harmony within your 3 cauldrons


Energy Work & Creative Mentorship
Somatic & Nervous System Healing Journey

for business owners, creators, dreamers, those driven to create beauty in their life & relationships to refine their energetic mastery in business, relationships, and connection to their gifts


let's journey.

deepening into intimacy & creation through mastering your own energetics.

Subtle energy attunements

Nervous system resiliency 

Somatic release 

Intuitive Development

Liberated energy body 

Strengthened energetic field 

Awakening Life Force

Energy Healing Activation - Reiki Level 1 Training

Deepened intimacy (with self and partner)

Soul channeling

Personal energy healing and integration

Creative flow & creative story unearthing 

Embodiment of deeper service 

Unearth your authentic messaging through soul energetics

The roots, the soils of this journey...


What is mastery? Such a word thrown around these days. It is not an acheivement of perfection, yet a deep attunement to and understanding of your own internal dynamics. Of your needs and desires. A development of resiliency in your system.

Intimacy & Creation Blueprint


Your energetic creation blueprint through the lens of intimacy & soul 

Intimacy with self, body, other, and God


For the business owner or creative soul who wants to bring more life force and refine their arts, and be of deep devotion in love through energetic mastery

Practitioners cultivating I know who I am, I know why I'm here, I know how to serve. Unearthing & liberating the blocks in being able to serve

This is for....

The person who's already been doing the "work". Maybe you've already done therapy or layers of somatics, and you can be in conversation about your experience. You see the value in accessing deeper layers of your being, energy body, deeper attuning to the subtle energies and unwinding through the body. 


For the person with a wildness in her bones, a feral nature, but wanted it to be deeply integrated in a grounded, earthy way.

There's an opening in your body and deepening of your path, a connection to Magick. 
And perhaps deeper layers of your own creativity and embodied intimacy you want to touch. 
To be in union with the centers of your womb, heart, and head. 
An energetic opening, but in an integrated way. 
You've been opening and trusting and leaping and perhaps your nervous system is a bit tired. Its looking to rest its head, and find that deep well of resiliency. 

When these old nervous system patterns of fear arise, it clouds the magick, clouds the deep opening to pleasure & orgasm, clouds the creative life force flowing through your service in the world.
Unearthing is the diving into the roots within the body and energy system (without always needing to know or replay the stories)
The process of liberation, and allowing your natural life force to drive you in life and magnetize to you

Part of the Unearthing journey is accessing and identifying anything inhibiting your journey of depth of intimacy, creation, and intuition, and supporting its liberation. And through the liberation, your channel flows freely, your unique energetics come through. You can cultivate healthy relating and deep pleasure from an embodied place. You can create from a place of inspired inspiration and direct connection to God/Spirit. 

A development of intimacy with the mystery, with the void, as the deep well and cauldron of creation. 

Attunement and entrainment through the 3 cauldrons:

the 1st cauldron, the Cauldron of Warming
lies within your pelvis

the 2nd cauldron, the Cauldron of Vocation
lies within your heart

the 3rd cauldron, the Cauldron of Knowledge
lies within your head

Liberate your energy body, unlock your creative potential and deep capacity for intimacy, & connect to the very real magick 

I'm Kendall.

Womb & Pelvic Care | Three Cauldrons Massage | Nordic/Celtic Energy Worker | Somatic Practitioner | Nervous-System Based Somatic Coaching | Birth & Postpartum Doula 

The journey really began when my psychic gifts spontaneously came online and I found myself incredibly challenged by it. It was not a world I had lived in and didn't have a lot of people around me who got it. But I eventually found my way to energy work, tea, and practices to learn to ground the energy, to discern between myself and others energies, and hone these skills. And then, a couple of years later, it was a close to death pregnancy that deeply initiated me into these arts, so that I could learn to hold myself through it and realize the support women often do not have, to unwind somatic trauma, and re-cultivate safety in my body and nervous system. It also gave me a reverence for pregnancy and birth in a way I had never felt before. The womb is powerful, a portal of creation, the cervix a bridge to the Spirit world. It's a sacred space and deserves to be treated as such.

This path took me deep into temple arts and womb work, and intro refining my own energetics, and was able to birth myself stronger on the other side. I know how these experiences can impact our intimacy and our capacity to open our heart, as well as our physical sensation and even impact physical conditions in the body. 


Through this journey, I've also found these templates to be highly powerful for men, as well, and now do three cauldrons somatic bodywork sessions, private coaching, and retreats for men. 

I believe there is a deep weaving and union between intimacy, creation, and intuition. There's a sort of limiting factor effect in which the growth of the other two are limited by the least expanded of the three. Which means on the flip side, as we grow and expand each, all get to grow and expand.


I am deeply passionate about subtle energies, the understanding of the internal experience, and liberation of our own energy body so we can feel fully alive and free and of service in this lifetime. It is a cultivation and refinement of your own energy field, and cultivating healthy intimacy from that place, and allowing your channel to bring forth creations.

It's about cultivating safety in your nervous system, power in your three cauldrons, and opening to deeper love and a path of inspiration and creation. 

Unearthing your soul story and creative power

The same meridians that support your fertility ability to literally create a child, are also the ones that your creativity flows through. They run through the midline of the body, the sushumna, and also are your direct access to God.
This is the power of weaving these three pillars, of working with the 3 cauldrons. 

the tangible aspects of how this journey looks

6 Month Journey - With this current cohort beginning January 11th

1:1 Sessions & Deep Dives 

Initial Blueprint Session

3 Sessions Each Month - a partnership and co-creation through the realms of intuition, creativity, and intimacy. Accessing these core pillars of your life through your relationship to self, to a partner, your creations or work in the world, and deepening your connection to Spirit and subtle energetics.  Refine your energetic tools so you are better able to give. This co-creation will look unique to each person, and depends on your desires for you and what is most alive within the pillars of creation, intimacy, and intuition.

Text, Voice, Email communication between sessions - for integration, support, and feedback. This can also include creative workshopping and receiving feedback or editing on what you are working on.

Group Clinics 

Initial Group sync Up & Closing Calls - at the start and end of the 6-months

Reiki Level 1 Training - For self-healing attunement and intuitive gift activation

Monthly Group Creative clinics - getting into our bodies, co-weaving, sharing our hearts and souls, opportunities to share our creations and together dive into creation for the sake of creation (poetry, storytelling, art) in a shared space. 

Community Chat for weaving, support, sharing of our art & stories

Any and all practices 

In-Person Getaway Weekend in the forests in Nevada City 

Likely around Beltane (in the middle of these 6 months), an opportunity to come together in sisterhood in the trees. To sit in morning practices, sit with tea, journey into nature, give offerings and prayer, co-create ritual, and unearthing our creative sides. Think earthy sleepover vibes. 

Option to book a Three Cauldrons Massage & Somatic Release for before or after the weekend.


Access to Rebirth your Womb course

Monthly akashic writing & body scan via email (send 1-3 questions)

Gift bundle of herbal medicine made by Kendall

Discounts off Costa Rica Retreat in July & In-Person Three Cauldrons Massage Sessions

Discounts on Yoni Wands and Eggs and Herbal Medicine 


nurturing your rich soils
unearthing your creative fire
tending the roots of your nervous system
embracing the sweetness of life

I'd love to speak heart to heart

So what's next? If this is striking something within you, express your interest with the form below and we will schedule an exploration call to drop in more and explore if this is the right fit. You may be wondering what the investment is - because there are options and because I truly want to be of service to those who want to receive in whatever way possible, I share this in a face to face conversation. And if it doesn't seem this is the right way to partner once you send in the form, I may suggest something else or on the call we can decide the best next step. 
There are 6 spaces for February 2024 total and they will be syncing in through January- I would love to explore if one is for you! And waitlist is open for next cohort by applying below.

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