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Red Rose

Rebirth Your Womb

6-Week Course in Temple Arts for personal womb and heart healing

Who is this for?

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we truly believe that all women would benefit from diving deep into these realms AND we run on pure alignment and resonance here (which is why we have an application so we can all feel each other).

There are a lot of people who teach similar things, but no one does it like Stephanie and I (Kendall) we bring a fun and lightness and play, yet depth and stillness. There's a down-to-earth feeling to the spirituality we bring in. There's a purity in the sensual arts here and trauma awareness. Yet this is very deeply play and expansion! We are not for everyone. If you're here, though, there's likely a resonance with us and this space. 

People come to this immersion for various reasons... some just feel a yes and don't know why, some want to feel more confident or heal sexual trauma, some want to improve their relationships and sex life, some are here to heal their sisterhood wounds, and some are just deeply devoted to this path of living a ritualistic and sensually awakened life. Women from all walks of life come, from a wide variety of ages and backgrounds. 


The retreat center: Finca Mia

Finca Mia sits at the base of Mount Chirripo, the highest peak in Costa Rica and a popular hiking destination.

The farm is tucked in a rural mountain valley where lush jungle foliage climbs steep, green hillsides. Tropical birds sing at dawn & coyote calls echo across the valley at sunset.

Removed from touristy beaches, guests experience a slice of authentic Costa Rican village life in our magical, relaxing corner of the world.

Facilities include:  yoga shala, maloca temple space, juice bar (open for ordering throughout the week), hot tub, saltwater swimming pool, beautiful river with swimming holes, fire pit, cozy living room space, hot showers, spring water for drinking water, massages available for booking throughout the week

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  • Accommodations in a luxury cabin the 20-27th

  • 3 healthy, organic meals per day made with ingredients from the local Farmer's market (except arrival and departure days - dinner on arrival and breakfast on departure)

  • Tea and coffee service all day

  • All circles, workshops, and classes during the immersion (we go deep!) 

  • Shuttle from the airport and to the airport (only if leaving in the morning on the final day)

  • Group call before the retreat start date 

  • Group integration call after the retreat ends

  • Access to all facilities at Finca Mia (the yoga deck, the saltwater pool, the river, the juice bar etc.)

  • Photos from photoshoot or any taken during the week from our professional photographer/videographer

  • Access to discounts on yoni eggs and wands and continuing education

  • Possibility to attend a future immersion as an assistant (our assistants at this one were past attendees)

What's included...

The rooms...

Luxury lodges- shared accommodations available and just one solo luxury cabin still available.

*solo luxury cabin sold out

Eco Cabin - there is just one solo eco cabin available, it is more rustic, but a beautiful way to attune to the earth and have your own space for integration and rest.

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The Facilitators

Tao Tantric Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Facilitator

Stephanie is passionate in empowering women to step into their full sovereignty specifically through reclaiming their sensual + sexual nature, as this is the source of a woman’s power. She believes that pleasure is our birthright, and is on a mission to empower women to expand their soul and liberate the wild within.

@iamstephanieberk on IG

Stephanie Berk

Screenshot 2021-04-25 203311.png

Kendall Nichole Frey

Womb Worker, Birth Doula, Energy Intuitive, Earth Witch, and initiate in the Rose lineage

Kendall’s personal mission is to support a collective Re-membering. To specifically support women in remembering their innate power and wisdom. To guide people to remember the interconnection we have with the Earth and with Magick. To guide women to unlayer somatic trauma from their womb and awaken their connection to intimacy

@iamkendallnichole on IG

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The Flow of the Week

*general flow, we are still in ceremony with the process and listening to Spirit, so some will be a mystery and not revealed until you are there in it ;) and this is subject to change, yet here is a general flow for your body to relax into

Arrival Day

Arrival and syncing into the land

Opening Ceremony

Day 2: Clearing & Attuning

Morning practices

Temezcal (sweat lodge) to clear, release, and attune to the land

Uncovering the roots - rooting into our perineum and the roots of our sensuality story 

Day 3: Dark Goddess & Alchemical Release

Releasing old stories, woundings, or traumas associated with the embodiment of our sensuality

Reclaiming our power and the fire within

Exploring self victimization and shame

Rewiring father/mother wounds

Exploring the dark goddess archetype (our wild within) to reclaim our power

Day 4: The Womb & Our Erotic Nature

Womb rituals

Open the heart, open her ~ awakening the chambers of your heart from past hurt or bitterness

Reclaiming our womb connection to Gaia

Erotic Dance Temple

Sensorium (a sensual exploration night with our sisters)

Day 5: Integration and Play

Rest and integration 

Empowerment Photoshoot

Relaxation time

(option to sign up for womb massage, energy work, bodywork, etc)

Day 6: Creatrix - Abundance and Cultivation of Sensual Energy

Practices in being witnessed by your

sisters, rewiring sisterhood wounds

Jade Egg practices 

Connection exercises

Yoni Puja

Celebrations of abundance

Day 7: Crowning Day

Cervical Magick and birth healing

Yoni wand practices, dearmouring

Yoni Milking Practice 

Crowning Ceremony 

Departure day

Breakfast and final goodbyes

Other daily experiences may include: 

  • Daily tea ceremony for energetic attunement

  • Kundalini practices

  • Qi Gong practices

  • Belly dance class

  • Rapeh Tobbaco Medicine ceremony

  • Land communion

  • Fire ceremony and song circle


Current early bird price is $2,997

Final investment will be $3,666 for the all inclusive, full immersion.

You can pay in full, or pay in multiple payments up until the retreat date (if a custom payment plan is needed or money is the only thing holding you back, we invite you to still apply and let's see what we can work out.) Typically, though, the sooner you register, the longer the payment plan can be.

If you have questions, or just want to chat to feel into if this is right for you and talk through what's coming up for you, we can set up a short 15-min call to answer any questions and explore any resistances without pressure or obligation. Please go ahead and fill out the application and I will reach out with a call link. This helps us to have more of a feel for you and where you're at :)

may arise.

The Investment


Is this only for women?

This is for womb-carriers/women identified people. If you do not have a physical womb, and are woman identifying and want to come you are absolutely more than welcome and something to be aware of is we will be doing some internal yoni practices. We are absolutely here to support space holding and happy to hop on the phone and chat if you want to feel if it would be a good fit. 

What are the travel requirements for Costa Rica? 

Currently, you do not need a vaccination or COVID test to get into Costa Rica AND you no longer need to purchase the travel insurance to get in. 

Are flights included?

Flights are not included in the investment, but your shuttle from the airport and all accommodations on-site are. 

Are there any local discounts?

Those who live in Chirripo/Diamante Valley area can receive a 10% discount off the retreat package.
Ticos (local Costa Ricans) can receive a 20% discount off the retreat package.
For those who live in/very close to the Los Angeles de Rivas neighborhood, if you prefer not to sleep on site there is an option for you to stay at your own home. Please inquire with us what this would look like (only for those who live here). We still highly recommend staying on site if possible.

What if I've never done anything like this before? Is this for me?

Wonderful! If you feel a pull and feel resonance you are welcome. To us it doesn't matter if you've done this, have trained in these arts, have worked with coaches etc. it's more of frequency based resonance for us and what we look for in women coming to this immersion is a high level of self-awareness, agility to take personal responsibility, and some level of being able to self-regulate the nervous system (and we are also there to support this). And excitement! If this is a yes for us all.

Will you be doing one in the future?

The intention is to host this at least once a year if not twice. The next one is tentatively set for June 2023 in Costa Rica. We always encourage if possible to come to the most up and coming because typically something is resonating deep within us now for a reason and we're being called by something. If you feel you really are more in alignment with 2023, you can get on the waitlist by sending through an application below (just note somewhere in the application you are interested in 2023) - you'll be the first to know about release dates, early bird pricing, and payment plans (potential for extended 12 payment plan if you reserve ahead of time to break down the investment more easily).

Do you do any partial scholarships?

We have two partial scholarships this time that are open - go ahead and fill pout an application and then send us an email, as well, letting us know you are intending to apply for the partial scholarship, let us know your current situation and how this might support you. These are intended for those who would other wise not make it, so tune in if that is truly you or if this is an edge you can expand into.

If you're feeling the nudge, even if there are other emotions present (maybe fear or nervousness), I encourage you to take a moment and close your eyes. Breathe into the body and ask yourself is this in your highest alignment. Allow yourself to feel what's true in your body past the fear and programming. And if it is a sacred no, we so honor you.

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