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root in the earth,
deeply listen to spirit


through the lens of intimacy, intuition & creation



cultivating harmony within your three cauldrons

the 1st cauldron, the Cauldron of Warming
lies within your pelvis

the 2nd cauldron, the Cauldron of Vocation
lies within your heart

the 3rd cauldron, the Cauldron of Knowledge
lies within your head

Together we liberate your energy body, unlock your creative potential and deep capacity for intimacy, & connect to the very real magick 


I'm Kendall.

Womb & Pelvic Care | Three Cauldrons Massage | Unearthing sessions | Nervous-System Based Intimacy Coaching | Birth & Postpartum Doula 





Unfortunately, so many women have experienced a womb trauma whether it be sexual experiences, miscarriage, abortion, or even during labor (or maybe they have an imbalance in their hormones or yoni but don't know why). For some they just "move on", yet feel disconnected from their body, have sex just to get it over with, and are missing something in their intimacy. For others, they feel it more day to day in their nervous system.


It was a close to death pregnancy that deeply initiated me into these arts, so that I could learn to hold myself through it and find those who could hold me, to unwind somatic trauma, and re-cultivate safety in my body and nervous system. It also gave me a reverence for pregnancy and birth in a way I had never felt before. The womb is powerful, a portal of creation, the cervix a bridge to the Spirit world. It's a sacred space and deserves to be treated as such.


This path took me deep into temple arts and womb work, and was able to birth myself stronger on the other side. I know how these experiences can impact our intimacy and our capacity to open our heart, as well as our physical sensation and even impact physical conditions in the body. 

I believe that womb and pelvic care is incredibly important, and should be as normalized as other more common forms of bodywork and holistic care! Every woman should have the wisdom to intimately know her body and how to deeply unwind into the seat of her power. Through this journey, I've found these templates to be highly powerful for men, as well, and now do three cauldrons somatic bodywork sessions, private coaching, and retreats for men. 

Many misunderstand where this path takes you, but really its taking me to a much more integrated, wholesome, and heart open place of life. Where the sexuality is refined and deeply reverent. This is about cultivation and refinement of your own energy field, and cultivating healthy union with a partner from that place. 

It's about cultivating safety in your nervous system, power in your three cauldrons, and opening to deeper love and a path of inspiration and creation. 

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let's journey.

three cauldrons massage & somatic release sessions

(Available to men & women)
massage and energy work working with the three cauldrons
Option to do a private immersion or retreat for over a few days if you are coming from afar
Somatic Integration & Energy Body Clearing sessions available in person, as well


Unearthing & 1:1 Three Cauldrons Coaching
(intimacy, creation, & intuition)


Trauma release, deeper relationships, expand capacity for pleasure, hone your intuitive sense, allow your unique codex of Magick and creation to flow through,
bring your soul essence into your work


Birth Doula (& pre-natal somatic trauma release)
Postpartum Doula (& ritual/blessingway creation)
Pre-Conception (preparing your three cauldrons for your incoming child spirit)


Womb Trauma Healing 

Through Three Cauldrons Massage, 1:1 Coaching, or private rituals
Cultivate safety in your nervous system and body, integrate from big experiences (sexual trauma, miscarriage, abortion, C-section, etc)
Cultivate vibrancy and aliveness in your body, trust in your heart, and sensitization in your capacity for pleasure


Living Courses

Want to dip your toes? Take yourself on a journey.
Rebirth Your Womb (womb healing, trauma release, expand capacity for pleasure and orgasm)
Celtic Wheel of the Year class (live in union with the earth and seasons)
Reawaken the Magick (turn on magick, trust, and intuition in your life)


Costa Rica Retreat July 25-29

Stephanie Yen and I are hosting are next retreat at Finca Mia! In Chirripo, one of my favorite places in the world, nestled into the mountains in a cloud forest where we will gather for a transformative journey. Blending our backgrounds from my Celtic and Rose lineage path, weaving in nervous system-based, somatic healing & intimacy cultivation, with her path in Tao Tantra and Himalayan Kriya/mantra. All are welcome! This is for men and women. (special discount if you'd like to come with your partner). 

I'd love to speak heart to heart

So what's next? You can explore throughout my website more for a specific offering, or email me with any questions or to let me know how you'd like to journey:
If you're feeling called to work together, reach out, I never want you to feel $ is the only reason you can't receive support and I feel there is something for everyone at every level. You can also schedule an initial call with me if you'd like to work together and explore options:

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