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Rebirth Your Womb
womb worker, birth doula, plant witch | somatic, energy work, & ritual

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I'm Kendall

A bit of my story:

You know how many women have experienced a womb trauma whether it be sexual experiences, miscarriage, abortion, or even during birth, but often just have  to “move on” while feeling disconnected from themselves and their pleasure? 


After nearly dying myself and losing a pregnancy, I felt insecure in myself in my relationship and even when dating following that one and felt like something was wrong with me. I felt like I couldn’t even be in a relationship because my womb was reacting to sexual engagement. 


So I implemented the methods I now use with my clients to heal myself emotionally and physically and was able to open my heart and womb to deeper intimacy than ever, while having more profound and transformational orgasmic experiences.


Now, as an energy intuitive and doula, I guide women whose past sexual experiences, pregnancies or births still impact their relationship with their body to embody deeper confidence and expand their capacity for pleasure, so they can experience an intimacy with themselves and Spirit that leads them to a life infused with Magick like they only thought was possible in story books.

I believe that when you awaken your full expression and life force, you become a force to be reckoned with and can go on to inspire other women and create a massive ripple effect.

I believe that no woman needs to carry the stories of relationship wounding and womb trauma with them like a badge of honor, we no longer need others to pity us to get attention. I believe that every woman is my sister and that every woman deserves to feel the Divine within their own body.

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