Earth Magick + Wild Soul Expression
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I'm Kendall

Feminine Embodiment Coach | Intuitive Transformation Mentor | Green Witch | Facilitator of Sacred Spaces

NLP, Hypnotherapy, Embodimet, Reiki, + Earth Magick

Guiding witchy women, dreamers, and visionaries to embody their full soul expression, tune their intuition, and embrace their wild feminine, so that they can live a life of Magick, freedom, and impact

I believe that everything is connected and there is more magic to the world than meets the eye.


I believe that everyone has power within them if they choose to step into it.


I believe that nature provides us with everything we need.


I believe that if you lead with love and follow your intuition, you will always feel fulfilled.


I believe you can’t fully give to others if you aren’t first taking care of yourself – love yourself fully first.