Rebirth Your Soul
energy intuitive & coach, womb worker, birth doula, plant witch

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I'm Kendall

Energy Intuitive | Channel| Magdalene Priestess & Celtic Witch | Feminine Embodiment Guide | Facilitator | Birth Doula

Bridging the realms of earth and spirit

A bit of my story:

After nearly dying, losing a pregnancy and undergoing emergency surgery, I implemented the methods I teach my clients to heal myself physically and emotionally and developed an unbreakable trust in Magick and awakened the next level of my own sensuality and receptivity.

And within 6 months of that surgery, I leaped from $30k in debt to completely debt free, living in the jungle for a year, and creating a bigger impact through international retreats and group programs.

Now, I support witchy women to liberate somatic and emotional pain in their womb and heart and harness the creative power of their intuition, and sensuality, so they can create an authentically prosperous and Magickful life.

I believe that when you awaken your full expression and life force, you become a force to be reckoned with and can go on to inspire other women and create a massive ripple effect.

I believe that no woman needs to carry the stories of relationship wounding and womb trauma with them like a badge of honor, we no longer need others to pity us to get attention. I believe that every woman is my sister and that every woman deserves to feel the Divine within their own body.