Earth Magick + Wild Soul Expression
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I'm Kendall

Intuitive Transformation Mentor | Green Witch | Facilitator of Sacred Spaces

NLP, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, + Earth Magick

Guiding witchy women, dreamers, and visionaries to embody their full soul expression, tune their intuition, and embrace their wild feminine, so they can amplify the magic, freedom and impact in their life

I believe that everything is connected and there is more magic to the world than meets the eye.


I believe that everyone has power within them if they choose to step into it.


I believe that nature provides us with everything we need.


I believe that if you lead with love and follow your intuition, you will always feel fulfilled.


I believe you can’t fully give to others if you aren’t first taking care of yourself – love yourself fully first.


Soul Journeys


1:1 Private Mentorship 

3 month mentorship for aspiring or current leaders and witches to deeply tune their intuition, a connection to sensuality and exploration of pleasure as a magnetizing force, and learn to channel their creative energy into powerful impact and magic.


With my witchy counterpart, Kelsey Hurst, we guide witches, visionaries and dreamers through a powerful 12-month immersion with two in person retreats.

Dive into the Celtic wheel of the year, align with the Earth's cycles, learn plant communion and energetic tools, and participate in ritual and ceremony.


Learn to step into authentic leadership and stewardship! Heal the throat chakra and do work that honors YOUR ancestors and lineage.

In Person Intuitive Energy Work Sessions