Tune Your Intuition, Awaken Your Sensuality, Unguard Your Heart
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I'm Kendall

Feminine Embodiment Coach | Intuitive Womb Guide | Green Witch | Facilitator of Sacred Spaces

NLP, Hypnotherapy, Embodiment, Sensuality, Energy, + Earth Magick

Guiding women to tune their intuition, awaken their sensuality, and unwind trauma in their body, so they can give and receive divine love. So they can live a life of Spirit. So they can restore trust in themselves and the Universe, So they can REMEMBER their innate power.

Because I believe that when you do, you become a force to be reckoned with and can go on to inspire other women and create a massive ripple effect.

I believe that no woman needs to carry the stories of relationship wounding and womb trauma with them like a badge of honor, we no longer need others to pity us to get attention. I believe that every woman is my sister and that every woman deserves to feel the Divine within their own body.