Liberate Yourself
Tune Your Intuition, Awaken Your Sensuality, Unguard Your Heart
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I'm Kendall

Feminine Embodiment Coach | Intuitive Womb Guide | Green Witch | Facilitator of Sacred Spaces | Initiate in the Rose Lineage and Feminine Temple Arts

NLP, Hypnotherapy, Embodiment, Sensuality, Energetic Alchemy, + Earth Magick

Guiding leaders to liberate their expression and expand into wildly erotic trust to have a bigger impact and service in the world.


Guiding women to tune their intuition, awaken their sensuality, and unwind trauma in their body, so they can give and receive divine love. So they can live a life of Spirit. So they can restore trust in themselves and the Universe, So they can REMEMBER their innate power.

Because I believe that when you do, you become a force to be reckoned with and can go on to inspire other women and create a massive ripple effect.

I believe that no woman needs to carry the stories of relationship wounding and womb trauma with them like a badge of honor, we no longer need others to pity us to get attention. I believe that every woman is my sister and that every woman deserves to feel the Divine within their own body.