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A 30-day group program to unlock your wild, sensual soul,

To step out of fear of judgement or shame (ours or our ancestral wounds) and into raw, authentic and wild expression!

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No longer do we need to define ourselves by the partner were with, or the work we do, or what we accomplish...

No longer do we rely on someone else to turn us on, or inspire us or motivate us, or pull out or emotional side...

It's time to let the wild and sensual being within you out

To un-layer the programming that we’ve taken on - that tells us to stay in our place, not act out, not be too loud, not be too sensual

Let your voice out, activate the wild and raw parts of yourself, connect with the ancient wisdom in your body

Let your energetic sensitivities be your superpower - to no longer keep you from speaking up or being all that you are, and instead let them allow you to be beautifully in tune, beautifully wild

Honoring your emotional cycles, using your voice, embodying your potent power,

It is from this place - that we can impact the world around us as leaders, that we can receive the right relationships, live in fulfillment.

It no longer is about strategy, or “mindset”... it’s about a remembering, an embodiment, an un-layering of what’s buried deep in your being.

We need more powerful women stepping up into their authenticity and in deep connection to their self and their desires...


Calling others into their power just by the way they walk around

That’s the energy that magnetizes and attracts, and that’s the energy that creates massive impact.

And if you're here...

You've probably been drawn to the way I fully express myself, how open I am to sharing about my sexuality and energetic experiences. How I share not just love and light, but also the dark parts that lead to transformation, the power in alchemizing the pain that arises.

My journey has been dynamic, and too much to share on this page... but I've dedicated myself to deep work on my shadows, subconscious programming, and reconnecting to emotions I used to cut myself off from. To self-exploration and re-wiring the shame and judgement that used to stick in my subconscious around being flirty, sensual, powerful, loud, and sharing "taboo" things openly.

I feel so grateful for where I am in life... you might not believe me that I used to be painfully shy, or the "innocent" one, always seeking the approval of guys in my younger years. 

And if you're called to this work together, buckle up babe ;) it won't be all rainbows and sunshine, but it'll be powerful!

My mission is to not just have women awaken to their magic, but to truly EMBODY it!

"Side-effects" you may see...



  • Tapping into your both your wild and soft "feminine" side 

  • More surrender and understanding of your own emotional cycles ~ and in turn, watch your close relationships begin to understand and honor your emotional cycles more 

  • More confidence in using your voice and speaking up

  • Releasing victimhood in relationships and know how to ask for what you want

  • Things may "magically" happen and line up in your life

  • You may see deeper connection in certain relationships

  • And more abundance flowing to you 

  • Tapping into parts of yourself you didn't even know were there 

  • People reflecting to you your energy "seems different", or feeling inspired just by the shifts you've embodied 

* p.s - none of these are guaranteed, but are shifts I've seen in myself and my clients after this work

"Over this short amount of time, I've grown soo much, deepened my connection with myself, my spirituality, grounded myself in ways I thought I couldn't. Kendall is so warm, understanding, healing... I cannot stress enough my gratitude for having her help me through this crazy human experience"

-Ayla H.


Carol (Past client):

"All of my adult life, I’ve struggled with toxic relationships, bouts of crippling anxiety and depression, and feelings of unworthiness. By the end of the program, I felt whole, more connected to source, and able to live as my truest self.

Kendall’s love and genuine caring for others is evident in all she does.

Kendall helped me get to the core of my limiting beliefs and taught me ways to release them. She gave me the tools to find and live as my truest self. After working with Kendall, I don't feel 'stuck' anymore. 

I feel empowered!

Good things are falling into place!

I AM achieving my dreams!"

Who this is for:


  • My awakening witchy women and self-development junkies who are ready for deeper work than "mindset"

  • For the woman not afraid to look at her internal world and dive deeper into introspection

  • Your if you're excited for a group of women to witness and support you as you step even farther on your path of authentic expression

  • For the wild woman ready to step into her true leadership and create from a place of knowing

  • For the woman who is ready to alchemize a deeper layer of fear, shame or judgement and transmute those feelings into the invitation for more play, sensuality and wild self-expression

  • You're longing to turn your own emotional sensitivity into a superpower

  • You are ready to leave the 'imposter syndrome' baggage behind

  • For the woman who feels energetic "blocks" in her sacral or throat chakras


What's Included?

  • 4 90-minute live group sessions 

  • 2 open Q&A and coaching calls 

  • 1 bonus Rite of Passage ceremony closing call 

  • 2 recorded hypnotherapy audios for the journey (one for unlayering and releasing, and one for stepping into your power and authentic expression)

  • A private FB group community to ask questions and get support in between calls (I'm in here every day supporting and have found this container to be very engaged!)




typically the containers I hold are in the 4-figure investment range, but I really wanted to create a container that was more accessible - while still creating a powerful and transformational space.

The investment for Wild Sensual Soul is $397 and there are 2- and 3-month payment plan options available.

Sponsored spots for BIWOC and/or those of low income, who feel called to this work and would otherwise be hindered from participating. 

For every 5 women that sign up, one of these free spots opens (if you want to apply for one of these spots fill out the waitlist link and let me know <3)

Receiving can be a healing and sacred act.


"I thank you so much for bringing so much to me in such a short time. I've never felt such up levels with someone until I met you and you really up-leveled my spirit, my emotions - you have a gift and so happy to know you!"

- Amanda

Shadow on Concrete Wall

"Thank you Kendall for creating this beautiful experience (You are the Wizard of Spiritual Facilitation after all ;) ) thank you all for being my sisters and sharing your light with me and allowing me to do the same. I love you all for life!" - Nicole

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