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Soul Grounded

An intimate group program

to reconnect with your inner magic

and step into your soul embodiment

magic adj. \ma-jik\ : giving a feeling of enchantment

Some call it magic, some call it flow, some call it finding beauty in the little things


If you're not connected to your

inner magic and truest self...

You may find yourself in patterns of feeling stagnant and 

stressed, or anxious

In jobs that feel soul-sucking and not sure how to shift out of


In relationships that aren't giving you what you want

or just aren't 'clicking' like they used to 

And giving away your energy to everyone else because

you're not replenishing your own 

Maybe even banging your head against the wall trying to find your

purpose and how to live that every day


Having access to this state of flow and noticing that magical things

and opportunities come out of seemingly nowhere

Clearly knowing what you want and able to easily make decisions for 

yourself that move you towards your dreams

Waking up feeling at ease and confident in who you are and the 

magic you bring to the world

Having a toolkit to get yourself unstuck and move through blocks, so

you can be your own healer

Feeling like your most aligned and empowered self and knowing that 

your outer reality is coming together to match that

Being connected to the universe/spirit/source and your intuitive sense and feel a sense of 

inner peace, freedom and purpose

Being so lit up by the like-minded people that keep coming into

your life


Ready to embody magic?

Apply to be on the waitlist for early Spring 2020 ~ if it seems it may be a good fit, I'll gift you a Step into Your Magic session, so we can explore!

If you're feeling stuck or ungrounded by big transitions, 

there are a few things you can do:

1. You need to know what you want from a place of inner

connection and need to know how to access that every

day because inspired action is what allows us to step into

new levels of ourselves

2. Know how to get unstuck yourself so you don't fall back

into cycles and patterns of frustration, anxiety, and stress


3. Create internal shifts at an identity level and

create practices that hold space for these internal shifts.  Working at the identity level is where sustainable shifts and changes in our lives happen!

4. Lastly, you need to learn how to apply that to your life practically so it both doesn't disappear and the inner changes don't become another chore on the to-do list

What's included in the experience?

  • 1:1 private session  at the start to elicit your personal soul mission statement

  • a closing 1:1 private session at the end of the container

  • 9 group coaching & mentorship video sessions to integrate transformation with an extra integration week each month

  • Weekly soul work and exploration 

  • A private FB group community to ask questions and get support in between calls (I'm in here every day supporting and have found this container to be very engaged!)


The VIP upgrade

3 Months of private access/mentorship from me through Voxer → voice, text, and video messaging.

This is perfect for those who want deeper personal mentorship throughout the experience (particularly on energy maintenance, intuition and intuitive gifts, and creating deeper momentum on your dreams), especially if you're looking for more specific support (like if you're already creating or running a business) this is a great addition


Bi-weekly distance reiki treatment → to support your nervous system, emotional and spiritual system as you create these inner shifts 

It's all Cycles Planner - my favorite physical planner that helps you track your energy, menstrual cycle, and emotional states along with the moon and astrological changes 

Birth Chart Reading Session - with my favorite astrologer friend Lea Lily

We begin in Early Spring 2020 

(Save $200 and some added bonuses if you sign up by January 2020)


"Over this short amount of time, I've grown soo much, deepened my connection with myself, my spirituality, grounded myself in ways I thought I couldn't. Kendall is so warm, understanding, healing... I cannot stress enough my gratitude for having her help me through this crazy human experience"
-Ayla H.

The Focuses

Phase 1: Clearing out stuck energies, creating a deeper connection to yourself and soul, and fostering community for even deeper transformation, stepping out of your comfort zone

Phase 2: Gain clarity on what you truly want, identify the stories and patterns that aren't serving you and how to shift those at an identity level (learn subconscious tools to get yourself un-stuck), rewiring the subconscious to support your success

Phase 3: Create energetic practices and personal spaces that support this next level of yourself, practice expanding your intuition through the 4 levels of intuitive senses, step into a deeper level of surrender with the universe/spirit/source, earth, and endless possibility 

Phase 4: The practical magic - bringing together the woo and the practical so you can seamlessly integrate this work into your life in a sustainable way and expand on it over the next 6-12 months


Who is this experience for?

This is for people who are spiritually open or at least woo-curious

Those who want a supportive community 

There are a few people I believe this experience could really support:

  • Those who get stuck in jobs they don't like - or maybe find themselves in the pattern of quitting after they get bored

  • If you feel you've lost your sense of self in relationships 

  • Those who are going through big, ungrounding life transitions

  • People who find themselves more stressed than empowered by trying to find and live their purpose

  • And also those whose intuitive gifts are starting to open and are overwhelmed, ungrounded and maybe even scared at times and want to learn how to manage them

"Soul Grounded is a Magical Experience!!

All of my adult life, I’ve struggled with toxic relationships, bouts of crippling anxiety and depression, and feelings of unworthiness. By the end of the program, I felt whole, more connected to source, and able to live as my truest self.

Kendall’s love and genuine caring for others is evident in all she does.

Soul Grounded has done just that... Grounded my soul and given me peace.

Kendall helped me get to the core of my limiting beliefs and taught me ways to release them. She gave me the tools to find and live as my truest self. After working with Kendall, I don't feel 'stuck' anymore. 

I feel empowered!

Good things are falling into place!

I AM achieving my dreams!"

- Carol K.

" Even after just 3 days [the weekend retreat at the end], I feel like a whole new person with such a shifted sense of self, gratitude, love, and just overall energy ♡"

- Ayla


What are others saying about the experience?


"I thank you so much for bringing so much to me in such a short time. I've never felt such up levels with someone until I met you and you really up-leveled my spirit, my emotions - you have a gift and so happy to know you!"

- Amanda

Ready to embody magic?

Get on the waitlist for early Spring 2020!

Fill out the form and I'll be in touch <3 If it seems it may be a good fit I'll gift you a free Step into Your Magic session ($155 value) and we can explore from there!

Hear more about the mission, my story, and who this is for

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