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Royal Rose Herbal Body Oil - anti-inflammatory, hydrating, radiating. Calendula, Rose, jojoba oil, coconut oil, mica



Royal Rose Anti-inflammatroy | Hydrating | Radiating Ingredients:


Calendula*, Rose*, Jojoboa oil*, fractionated coconut oil*, mica/oxides *organic Anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties of calendula and rose infused into hydrating jojoba and coconut oils.


note, these oils do not have essential oils or artificial fragrance so the scents are more subtle and natural than perfumes or oils in stores. 


Embody the Magdalene essence, frequency of the Rose (the highest frequency plant), leaving your body with a subtle glimmer that is non toxic from the mica. (shake well if the mica settles on the bottom)

Royal Rose Body & Face Oil

Excluding Sales Tax |
6 weeks
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