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These earrings were handmade using beautiful, whole abalone shells. The colors on the outside are all natural. The shells were simply scrubbed and polished with oil to maintain their beautiful colors!


All shells in this listing were sustainably harvested by Abalone Joe on the California coast (no abalone were killed in this process). He spends his time digging in the sand to find these beauties.


This pair is fashioned to show the natural, unique outside of the shell. However, if you prefer the pearlized side to face front – let me know!


They swivel beautifully while worn, so that the pearlized side can be glimpsed even when not facing front.


Note, each shell is unique and may not look like the pictures above! I can send you options to see your preference.

Abalone Earrings (Smaller)

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    ~ The abalone shell is about 1.25″ long
    ~ Total drop length is about 2.75″

    ~NOTE: Sizes and colors of abalone shells will vary slightly with each shell as each is naturally unique!


    ~ The shells are fragile, so store with care
    ~ Avoid getting wet to prolong life of the jewelry

  • I believe in what I create and also want you to love it! So if you don't (I'm sure you will ;) ) let's chat! 

    Things can be returned unless its herbs that have been used but I'm sure we can work something out.

    Please get back within 30 days 

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