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Spiritual Bypassing vs. Cycling in the Heavy Stories & Missing the Magic

A couple weeks ago I found myself getting more confused and more frustrated.

I had a lot of anger and sadness previously in the week - and a lot of it was from miscommunication and disagreement.

I wanted to understand their perspective because I really respect them, their truth and their mode of seeing the world.

And in a lot of ways, we see through a similar lens.

Because of that, I wanted to understand what they were saying and trust it as truth. So I tried to apply it to my own experience and it just felt confusing and didn’t fully resonate in my system.

Parts of it did but not completely.

And I found I was trying to do that because I was afraid if we didn’t align on this huge part of how each of us sees the world there would be less connection. (and honestly, am still a bit afraid of that)

But I can’t wear someone else's truth.

And I can’t expect someone to wear mine.

And don’t need to try to explain mine, or convince that mine makes sense, or that it’s right because it feels right in my body and in my own sense of intuition.

What I found for myself is that emotional responses are always coming about, we could always have an emotional response to things in our experience.

We’re always going to have emotions,

And in my own practice and in what I teach clients I believe in the value of feeling the things that are coming up.

Sometimes, though, especially for my empaths, the emotions may not even be ours - and we don’t have to process other people’s emotions - that’s their work, not ours.

And sometimes when you’re all 'feeled' out you may feel just fucking exhausted and numb and unmotivated.

And then what?

And oftentimes these emotions are constructed from stories that may not even be true. Yes, it may just be triggering up past emotion that’s wanting to be processed and at the same time, I totally believe in the value of looking at things from different perspectives.

And letting yourself be empowered in the story and not always just choose to be the victim and fabricate more emotion around that story.

You can still feel the emotion, but offering a different perspective can help bring you back to your own center, and power, and truth and not like you’re giving your energy away in a situation.

And it’s up to you to decide what is right for you in terms of feeling things, and moving through, and stepping into a new, and shifting stories.

What I’ve found for me, is that my fun, playful-loving, fairy, witch spirit needs the magic!

And if I approach all of life just from a place of emotional processing, I can quickly lose the magic.

So for me, it’s useful to have a blend of practices through tough times and big transitions and healing.

It’s not bypassing (which I do see a lot in the spiritual community), it’s not ignoring the feeling, it’s simply my own truth and what’s in alignment for me.

This will change situation to situation and week to week, but sometimes what this looks like for me is: ✨Feeling what’s wanting to be felt in my body naturally in the moment ✨Connecting with the earth and the earth energy to help ground back into my spirit, body, and center and help transmute some of what’s coming up (sometimes the emotions and stories can almost lift my energy out of my body, so this is really a crucial part of my practice) ✨When connecting with the earth, connecting with the magic around and let it lead me into a state of surrender - noticing the leaves moving above me, the breeze on my skin, the hummingbird flying by my face ✨And sometimes the emotions naturally come up again and great, but I don’t force myself to go there unless it wants to come and it feels right

I don’t force myself to do anything if I don’t want to!

There’s no should on a spiritual path. Do whats fucking right for you!

And after that, this often looks like: ✨Leaning into community and connection - play, fun, touch ✨Moving my body and literally moving the stagnant chi in my body (and sometimes this allows for another light emotional release, great if so!) - dancing usually! ✨And sometimes when it’s heavy, I ask myself is this mine? And I check-in and if not “Return to sender!” ✨And I have my energetic and magical practices that help me stay connected to my center and intuition ✨And then I shift some of the disempowering stories - I allow myself to look at different perspectives (because sometimes I’m mad about stories that aren’t even true!), I allow space to forgive, and I let myself feel the freedom and peace of being me

There’s a balance!

Feel what’s coming up but you don’t need to fabricate feelings with disempowering stories.

Our bodies don’t know the difference between fabricated images and real experiences, the body somatically experiences it the same.

So it can be easy to just perpetuate new intense emotions, new intense emotions… when you’re caught up in the mind cycle.

Honestly over the weekend after feeling so much all last week I just felt heavy, and I could’ve just stayed home and slept more (or processed more until none was left and I was more exhausted), but I had no motivation or energy for more of that.

So I dragged my ass off the couch, laid on the earth, ate some nourishing food, put on my cheetah jacket like the bad-ass witch I am, and went to an event that was somewhat out of my comfort zone but ended up being the playful medicine I needed!

Your medicine can look different each day, honor what you need!

I know this is a lot, and this may not fully resonate with you and great I hope you have something that works for you!

And if it does and you’re like whaaat I don’t know how to navigate this shizz, let’s connect and I’d love to talk with you ❤

Anyways, the moral of writing this: Even if you respect and love someone and want more connection with someone, you don’t have to wear their truth. Find what’s true for you, and do that unapologetically, without needing to explain yourself!

Explaining and trying to prove is like the feeling of energy leaving your body and you’re out of your power. So even with the intention of trying to connect more, it can often do the opposite.

You’re fucking magic! Don’t forget it ❤

And if you want more guidance, mentorship, and deep healing on this path into your power, potency, voice, and personal mission? Let's explore!

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