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Personal experiencing with the alchemical magick of yoni wands

Hey love,

I'm sharing with you here a past journey/story of my personal yoni wand experiencing. I came across this that I shared some time ago, and the medicine feels potent right now, perhaps you're desiring to dive deeper into this practice or have never even heard of it. And if it brings up any discomfort, beautiful, there is likely some deep medicine there.

P.S. If you're desiring to work deeper with wands, you can purchase one here, I've found a company I love (Yoni Crystals) to partner with because of their high quality, ethical and sustainable sourcing, ethical labor practices, and natural production process. Only the best for your yoni! The energetics of the stones we put inside are highly important.

After a beautiful weekend of movement, community, connection, and nourishment I moved into a self pleasure practice with my new yoni wand ⁣

“green aventurine, also known as "The Stone of Opportunity'. It's known to banish negative patterns and bad habits from your life in order to make room for new opportunities and growth to come through to you. Serpentine enhances optimism, helping you to move forward in the direction of your goals with courage, creativity, perseverance, and decisiveness.”⁣

While I was beginning with the intention of mostly sex magic/sex powered intention, I noticed some sensitive pressure points that shot jolts up my body to my head, and actually uprooted some beautiful memories and deep grief at the feelings of loss⁣

I started balling and experiencing an ebb and flow between pleasure and grief, walking the line of both ⁣

And eventually, the grief was transmuted through the pleasure and felt some shift in the neural pathway around the situation ⁣

And finding a space of even deeper happiness for them and gratitude ⁣

And peace and love in my own situation ⁣

It was a beautiful reminder of the inner connectedness of all of these experiences, how feeling the depths of one can amplify the depths of another ⁣

And moving through can open so much more room for openness and possibility and calling in what you want ✨🧚🏼‍♂️


These powerful tools can help to transmute emotions stored somatically in the womb, dearmour the cervix to unwind physical tension and pain, and re-sensitize and awaken pleasure within the yoni.

I used to use vibrators and found that they de-sensitized me. I need hyper stimulation to access pleasure, which really impacted my sexual connection with a partner.

Working with the subtle energetics of these wands can help us awaken our senses even more in such a beautiful way!

If you have any questions as you pick one out, please let me know (you can email me at

And if you're desiring deeper support with this tool for alchemy of stored emotions, and in general awakening of your sensuality, and stepping into your liberated leadership path - I'd be honored to support you more. You can book a free Liberated Leadership Clarity Call here.


Kendall Nichole

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