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Astronomically, the New Moon occurs when Sun and Moon are aligned in the sky and the moon is ‘invisible’ from Earth. It is the beginning of the moon cycle.

Astrologically, it represents a time of new beginnings. It is a great time to set intentions and cultivate ideas, to cleanse yourself and prepare for the new cycle.

I personally love to focus on setting intentions for the New Moon, as opposed to New Year’s Resolutions. I find when we set resolutions, we attempt to do too much too soon. Monthly intentions give us a way to have smaller focuses in the moment, as well as to readjust them at the start of each moon cycle.

The New Moon is a sacred time and people embrace this moment in different ways. I wanted to share with you some rituals you can create in your life to cleanse and bring presence and balance in these times.


Ground yourself. Tap into the energy of the earth around you. If it helps, go outside or into nature barefoot and feel the earth beneath you. Focus on your breath and as you breathe in, send it all the way down to your feet. You can try some visualizations here – to further ground yourself, visualize roots reaching from the soles of your feet down into the earth, truly connecting to it. You can practice some other forms of meditation and breathwork, as well, to raise your vibration and open up your heart to the ritual.

Another thing I like to do is keep oracle cards (I love this deck) in my sacred space and use them as a tool for raising my on vibration and opening myself up to receiving messages.


Cleansing and releasing negative energies are a very important part of any ritual. One way you can cleanse your body, is with a hot bath with sea salt (which helps draw away negative energies), essential oils, and herbs. You can pick your favorite herbs depending on your intentions you are focusing on for this cycle. I also have a detoxing bath soak that you could use, as well.

If you already have a sacred space or altar, you can use some of the objects to surround your bath. Or use things like a smudge stick, crystals, herbs, a plant, candles.

While in your cleansing bath, try visualizing a renewal of your energy, almost like you are soaking up all of the nourishing energy from the bath. Visualize light filling every inch of your body. Practice saying an affirmation out loud, like “I am renewed, I am refreshed, I am open to receiving”.

After your cleansing bath, you’ll want to cleanse the space where you will go through your ritual. Is this outdoors, your bedroom? If you already have a sacred space setup, this is where you’ll cleanse. If not, you may want to create on for this ritual. I like to put a piece of black tourmaline in 4 corners around me, as this crystal pushes away negative energy. And I have a small selenite wand in my sacred space, as it can clear and open the crown chakra, unblock energy, and it is perfect for spiritual work. You can also gather any crystals or herbs for the space that will aid your current intentions. Gather other things like candles and a smudge stick of sage or palm santo.

Cleanse the area with your smudge stick. Sage is often used in native cultures as a way to rid your space of negative energies. Sage every corner of the room and waft some of the smoke over your body; be sure to leave the window open so the energies it absorbs can make their way out.


Once you feel ready and have set your space, make yourself comfortable. You can do some breathwork here before setting your new Moon intentions. As you sit, keep a notebook and pen, maybe some colorful pens and write your intentions for this cycle. This could be things you want to focus on more, you want to manifest, or more concrete habits you want to build. These are the intentions I made on the last new Moon:

Meditate on your intentions – if you have spirit guides (or God or deities) you like to call on, this would be a good time. Visualize your intentions coming to fruition – envision the day that it happens if it’s something that can be finished, what are you doing, who are you with, what does it feel like? If it is something ongoing, like perhaps you want to explore your spirituality, visualize yourself regularly putting energy into this – maybe you are visualizing yourself meditating, or leading your day with love. Either way, truly see that picture and feel what it will feel like. Visualizing things can help make them more real and tangible and put them out to the universe as a manifestation.

Put these somewhere that you will see throughout the cycle and you can do this every new Moon. You can utilize herbs or crystals that represent your intentions throughout the month. If your intention was to lead with love you can carry around rose quartz with you….

After setting your intentions, you can practice some affirmations to bring some positive thoughts and manifestations to the ideas you just wrote down.

“I am open to receiving the energies of the universe.”

“I am abundant.”


To your spirit guides, the universe, God, any deities you believe in. When you put positive energy out, it comes back. Say it in threes, thank you, thank you thank you; and so it is, and so it is, and so it is. And you can close your new Moon Ritual by burning some Palo Santo.

Feel free to make this your own, to have it fit within your own beliefs or spirituality! Do what feels good for your soul.


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Live in the Bay Area? I would love to have you join me for a free New Moon gathering on July 12th at Urban Remedy in Berkeley, CA. Feel free to send me a message or check out more information on the event page.

<3 Kendall

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