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Growing up most of my life, I was always a pretty happy person, but would really easily get angry or upset or anxious. I felt like I was frequently getting overwhelmed and frustrated and lashing out at those closest to me. And I remember how I used to walk around with my head down and just so many thoughts flowing through my mind. 

I honestly never knew any different and was often unaware of the way I went through my days and how I treated people. And I often found myself bored and always needing the next thing, and the next thing.

But, there really is so much magic and excitement in this world if we just open ourselves up to allowing it in! And I’ve found that through learning rituals and routines and other practices to keep myself grounded and in-flow, I’ve been able to see that, as well as be less likely to lash out at those around me. 


To give people ideas of ways to stay grounded and connected during their days, so they can open themselves up to more things flowing into their lives and recognize the magic and beauty in their day.


I’ve always thought of my whole room as a sacred space (and still try to maintain that by keeping work out of my room) but theres something about having a dedicated spot as your sacred space that helps you instantly ground when you’re in it. Your body recognizes that this is a place of healing and centering. You may even find that you don’t want this space to be in your room, especially if you’re doing some deep soul work and want to keep your sleep space just for sleep.

But if you live in a shared apartment like me, your room can be a great spot – mine is just a specific corner of my room. So what can make up a sacred space? Anything that feels good to you and helps you ground.

I like to keep it colorful, but minimal and cozy. Personally, I love sitting on the floor, especially when I want to get more in tune with my soul, so I have a fuzzy rug and a pillow to sit on. Here I have some things that help me remember my grandma, my crystals, candles and oils, sage and palo santo, and my oracle cards. 

You could even make a sacred space Pinterest board for yourself for inspiration!

My sacred space has become a spot I go in my morning and night routines and use these tools I have in it to get back in tune with my body and raise my vibration up. 


You can use the sacred space you’ve set up as a place to come ground through meditation or other practices. One of my personal favorite ways to meditate is through visualizations – if you haven’t done this before, you can find some guided visualizations as a way to get started. 

If I’m feeling a bit airy or all over the place and want to get some grounding energy flowing, I will do this grounding visualization in a couple ways. Either standing, or sitting – start to bring your intention to where you are making contact with the ground. If your standing this will be your feet or if you’re sitting bring your intention to your sacral area. Then visualize roots growing from your feet (or root chakra) and moving down into the ground. Notice how you feel and feel the energy in your body be almost weighted down.


Integrating herbs in your life that have grounding qualities, can help balance your root chakra – which helps keep us in the present moment. Often times, these are roots that have these characteristics. 

If you’d like, check out the grounding tea I created (will be posting soon) ~ it has some hawthorn berry in there as well, to aid in opening your heart.

If you try it, I highly recommend brewing it this way, and then when you sip it focus on the way it feels and where the energy is moving. Does it feel like a spreading out, like it’s moving up through the roof of your mouth, or like it’s pulling you down?


I personally feel most connected and excited about what’s here now when I’m diving into my passions or incorporating play into my day. And this doesn’t necessarily mean playing games or doing things that are typically deemed “fun” by our society. But you can make every moment play! Just bring a childlike wonder with you, dance in the street, breathe in the trees and touch the leaves as you walk by, be silly… Don’t take yourself too seriously!

And make your passions and interests a priority! If you don’t have hobbies or go-to things you like to do, think back to when you were a kid, when were you happiest? Was this in nature, dancing, being around people that lifted you up, cooking? Whatever it is, put it in your schedule if you need to, but make it a priority.


While it’s not always possible to do my morning and night routines, having them as a point to start the day and end the day helps me begin and end on a good vibration and put things more into perspective. 

There’s no right or wrong way to do them, and you don’t want it to feel like a chore and something you have to tick off. Think about your ideal day, or when you feel best in the morning. What helps you feel that way?

Here’s my morning routine as an example:

~ Dream journaling – even if I can only remember fragments

~ Gratitude journaling

~ Make my bed

~ Ground in my sacred space with a sensory experience (smells, maybe some mellow sounds, crystals) and play with oracle cards or meditate

~ I make some tea and then have a bit to eat

~ Then I play in my garden or go for a walk

My night routine has some similar elements, but some things I do that are a bit different are oil pulling, tidying up my space, and my skincare routine.


There’s honestly nothing like being in the trees and digging your bare feet into the dirt. Talk about grounding! It’s really as simple as that. Have you ever tried it? 

I know if I go too long without being in nature, my body feels like it’s literally craving it. It helps keep me sane and re-centers me. 

If you’re able, I highly recommend going outside right now and standing barefoot in the dirt. Let your feet really get in there and breathe. Breathe an invigorating and full breath and send it through your body down to your feet. Feel the tingling energy connecting you with the earth.


The mind-body connection is often forgotten and seen as almost separate sides of wellness. But they are so intertwined and being under nourished can even affect mental and emotional experiences like anxiety. 

Balance yourself with a variety of foods often and if you’re looking for a more grounded experience through foods you can add more roots into your meal. 

Certain herbs, as well can help to weigh your energy, as mentioned above.


An aspect that’s often forgotten, especially on spiritual paths where many think these are solo endeavors. But especially if you have extroverted energy (and you can be a quiet or shy extrovert like me!), then like-minded souls are so key. When I’m around people I truly connect with, I honestly feel like I’m brought back to myself and just have this joy flow through me. 

And when you’re more aligned with your own life and soul, these people that fill you up are attracted to you and keep flooding in.

But you also can follow the hobbies or things that make you happy, almost like little soul clues, and you may just find some people you really vibe with when you follow that. 


I’d love to hear how you integrate some of these and if you have any questions or would like any support with this don’t hesitate to reach out!

<3 Kendall

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