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Yes Supply Review | +free coaching session

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

NLP and Mindset Coaching Certification

(updated as of April 2022)

Are you considering the Yes Supply Coaching Method Certification?

Here is my experience and honest review (and at the bottom of this post you will find a special link to sign up, where you will also receive a free coaching session with me - blending tools from the Yes Supply Method with feminine embodiment, emotional healing, and intuition development)... I hope that it'll help spark something for you and will help you tune into whether or not this certification is for you. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out directly!

I am so happy I made the decision to move forward with Reese’s Yes Supply Coaching and Neural Energetic Wiring Practitioner certification.

I remember when I first was introduced to her, it was a full-day workshop my business coach was hosting virtually, and Reese came and led a guided group hypnotherapy session. It was only 15 minutes long, but in that time I got deeper than I ever had in meditation (especially in that short period of time). I was there, but so so relaxed.

My entire body felt tingling and it was such a unique experience! Her energy really stood out to me, so calm, yet confident. So I followed her email newsletter and one day her webinar popped up - I had already been curious about NLP, so I figured why not. And with some interesting synchronicities from the universe, I ended up signing up for her program that night!

I was a bit apprehensive about making another investment so soon, but by the time the end of the program came I looked back and thought, “I seriously only paid that much????”. It felt like a leap at the time, but now (updating this 2 years later), I have invested so much in my own personal and business growth that I deeply trust my intuition when I feel a yes like I did for my program.

I encourage you to tune into your Yes, and if this program is not a yes, honor that, but allow yourself to listen to your body and your deep intuition past any fear.

This is not the srt of thing where you just listen to online modules and get to call yourself a coach without any real tools or practice, you will learn TANGIBLE tools and techniques to bring to your clients and use with yourself.


What is the process like?

Once you sign up, you’ll immediately get access to the Pre-Study content ~ which are deep dive videos and workbooks for NLP, Life & Success Coaching, Hypnotherapy, and EFT.

Things have shifted a bit since I've taken the program with more support and real time integration. Previously there were self paced modules with a week long in person training, but I personally do better with real time support as I'm learning tools. Now she does 5-month cohorts in which there is a weekly 3 hour live call for real time support and training practice in addition to the video modules you'll watch in between. And you get a dedicated Trainer who has been trained under Reese to support your 5-month journey.

There is also a second pathway that is more self-paced for those who like to go at their own pace beginning September 2021. There are still live calls you can attend each week to be fully supported in your journey, they just aren't in a 5 month cohort format. You will have access to 18-months of technique mastery calls instead, which is amazing to receive that kind of extended support!

Something I love, as well, is that you get access to calls even after you are certified for deeper integration! Which really is priceless to stay in the community and with support for long term.

In the same portal as the certification pre-study content, you also get bonus trainings on launching a group program, how to clear your energy (so important between client calls!), and to identify and attract dream clients, as well as other business support trainings.

By the end you are certified in 5 different certifications as a Mindset Coach, Neural Energetic Wiring Practitioner (blending somatics, NLP, and TIME techniques), Neural Energetic Encoding (subconscious coaching modalities, breath, and energy), Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner, and EFT Practitioner.

One of my favorite things was that she weaved in a bit of the woo-woo here and there (like vibration, energy, manifestation), whereas I’ve heard that other programs that are NLP based are a bit more rigid in their curriculum and old school.

So if you’re looking for a certification that will also transform you and give you tangible tools (not just how to ask questions, which is of course important), and continued support after, I highly recommend this one!

And if you'd like to talk with someone from her team, you can book a 30 min exploration call on this page.


My Results

Towards the end of the week at our live training, I had signed up my first two clients - and my coaching business was completely new. I really do think it in big part was being around the energy of all of these successful women and getting support while there. Being in a field of powerful women doing similar work is highly important in this realm and is something I have continued to do over the last two years and continues to amplify my income.

Since then, I went on to assist at a live training for new Yes Supply students about 6 months later and that same month had my first $10,000 sales month (again I attribute to being in the field of these powerful women).

And two years later, I have woven in many of my passions and other trainings I've taken since along with the NLP tools and hypnotherapy I learned, am currently living in Costa Rica, working remotely while having a ton of spaciousness and feeling stable financially. Much has changed! I work an average of a few hours a day and make more income now than I ever did in a 9-5 job (most months more than double my old full time job).


More Details and Enrollment

Learn more about Yes Supply and sign up here .

Note, these are my affiliate links and to show my gratitude for you using my links, I would love to offer you a free coaching session (normally $200) (and if for some reason you don't feel called to a free session I'd love to send you another gift, just reach out :) ). Please send me an email at after you sign up for Yes Supply so we can coordinate this, if you are not already prompted to my calendar link after enrolling<3

More questions? Feel free to reach out! I am more than happy to connect and chat about this decision. AND I also invite you to tune into your body and trust your intuition on this one ;)

Personally I've never regretted an investment I've made because it always launches me forward in some way.


If you want to feel Yes Supply out first before committing:

Create Your YES Life Free Masterclass

Elevate Your Coaching Sessions 5-Day Challenge

Workbook: Plan Your First Coaching Session

Free Guide: Decide What Kind of Coach You Want to Be

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