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Kendall Nichole Frey

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Stephanie Yen

Kendall is an energy intuitive, initiate in a Magdalene Priestess Lineage, and birth doula. She offers hands on womb massage, guide work on pelvic healing/sensuality and self-intimacy, and is a trauma-informed facilitator.  

She feels passionate about guiding people whose past sexual experiences, pregnancies or births still impact their relationship with their body to embody deeper confidence and expand their capacity for pleasure. She believes that intimacy and pleasure are gateways to the divine and the cervix a portal to the spirit world, and that the healing that can occur in orgasmic states can heal on quantum levels.

She has taken herself from someone who used to think she never was going to be able to have an orgasm, and healing from a near death pregnancy experience, to a level of connection to pleasure she never even imagined was possible. 

​Steph weaves in her background as a Tao Tantric Practitioner and a Yoga Teacher in the background of Himalayan Kriya yoga with her trainings in Costa Rica, India and Egypt. She is a devotee to the priestess path. She goes to the deepest depths and will help you see what you may have not been able to see in yourself, and will do i all with a warm smile and playfulness. She is here to radically shift, elevate and transform your life.​ To empower you to remember the truth of who you are and who you came here to be...

Because, she spent the majority of my life forgetting this very nature of her own Self, living with high anxiety, numbness, and suppressing pleasure. She overcame these, healed herself of imbalances and HPV and reclaimed her true path.

Your Facilitators

Kendall and Stephanie are such wonderful leaders and space-holders! I had the pleasure of attending their first retreat in Costa Rica and couldn’t have been more pleased and inspired by how beautifully orchestrated the entire retreat was from start to finish. It exceeded all of my expectations and was so clear that they put all of their heart, soul and energy into creating such a wonderful space for healing and transformation. Kendall and Stephanie were incredible partners and complimented one another perfectly, both showing up with their own unique strengths. The experience will be remembered forever and the majority of that is due directly to Kendall and Stephanie! Thank you for all

-Ali K-

  • To feel fully connected to your body, no longer feeling like your head and body are two separate entities

  • Fully embodied as a woman in your authentic way without the forced "femininity"

  • Feel magnetic, radiant, and confidently alive

  • Connected to your unique feminine essence, integrated with your masculine parts

  • Connected to your womb, cycles and natural rhythms as a woman sot hat you may live your life with more ease and magic

  • Gain clarity or momentum in clearing womb related issues (including but not limited to menstrual cramps, fibroids, cysts, yeast infections or UTI's, infertility)... 

  • Release any shame, guilt or somatic trauma stored in the womb/body

  • Want to learn how to drop into deep states of surrender, receptivity, and heart opening expansive living

  • Activate and reconnect to your own Eros & life force - yet in a way that feels refined and cultivated, NOT leaky ... then watch this lead to this never ending well of energy in your life towards your creations

  • Connect to your sensuality and deepen into the realms of sacred sexuality - watch it impact your intimacy with self and in relationship

  • Clear emotional or energetic blockages in the body, so that you may access deeper states of orgasm, transformational orgasmic experiences that are not goal oriented yet can lead to deep connections to Spirit/God and let the body naturally heal itself

  • Rewire, root and ground the nervous system - perhaps you are highly sensitive or the nervous system has been burnt out by the hustle, by a lot of medicines, or traumatic experiences

  • Create deep and nourishing sisterhood connections and let yourself be witnessed

  • Hit PAUSE from day to day life, be in nature, steeped in ritual and fun and play, and expand!

  • Have tangible practices and tools that you can work with for the rest of your life to create great change in your body and life path

  • Steep in the womb mysteries, rooted in ancient temple paths, and connect to ritual and initiations often skipped over in our world... allowing ourselves to step into our embodiment from maidenhood to womanhood whether you are 19, 30, 45, or 60.


This is for you if you're desiring...


The Investment

Accommodations are shared and on an amazingly beautiful Farm in Mendocino. There are multiple cabins on site that accommodate at least 2 people and some more. Investment option depends on bed type. Options for the 6 days range from $1,897 to $3,497 including food.

Check out some of the accommodation options here. You'll be invited to book after filling out an app.

Bring a friend discount! Come with a friend and you each get $300 off. 

Book by April 15th and get the Rebirth Your Womb self-paced course and a crystal yoni egg that we will work with on-site.

If none of these options are accessible for you, please apply below and note you'd like to apply for a partial scholarship (there will still be costs to cover food/accommodation), and note either in the app somewhere or email and let us know a little about your situation. If you want to be here we want to help you make it work!


More about Sensual Initiation

Is this only for women?

This is for womb-carriers/women identified people. If you do not have a physical womb, and are woman identifying and want to come you are absolutely more than welcome and something to be aware of is we will be doing some internal yoni practices. We are absolutely here to support space holding and happy to hop on the phone and chat if you want to feel if it would be a good fit. 

What will I need for this immersion?

We will be working with yoni eggs and wands during the week - if you do not have one, I do have some avaialble for purchase on my website here. And some will be available for purchase on site, but it's best to let me know if that is your intention beforehand, so I make sure to have some options for you.

What if I've never done anything like this before? Is this for me?

Wonderful! If you feel a pull and feel resonance you are welcome. To us it doesn't matter if you've done this, have trained in these arts, have worked with coaches etc. it's more of frequency based resonance for us and what we look for in women coming to this immersion is a high level of self-awareness, agility to take personal responsibility, and some level of being able to self-regulate the nervous system (and we are also there to support this). And excitement! If this is a yes for us all.

Will you be doing one in the future?

The intention is to host this at least once a year. But we don't really know and never know what will happen in the future! If you're feeling it now, likely the time is now. We honestly may not host this again in this way, in this length, unless it is a private retreat someone books ahead of time, as it does take energy to promote and fill a retreat. We always encourage if possible to come to the most up and coming because typically something is resonating deep within us now for a reason and we're being called by something. 

Do you do any partial scholarships?

We have two partial scholarships this time that are open - these are by application only, and we will schedule a phone call with you to chat more. Please email to inquire.

What is the location?

This will take place at Oz Farm in Point Arena, CA - Mendocino County. This is one of my favorite areas in California! I used to come here every year as a child. We are by a redwood grove, with a beautiful farm, a big barn where we will do our practices and temple nights, a wood fired hot tub, and just a couple of miles from the beach.


What Kind of Practices Will We be Doing?

Pelvic floor practices, kriya, mantra, yoga, qi gong, dance and movement, energy attunement practices, embodiment practices and explorations, group and partner exercises, a sensorium, temple nights, yoni puja, self-intimacy practices, tea ritual, witchy shit... ha! We got it all let's just say that.

What backgrounds do you guys drawn on?

Stephanie's trainings in Tao Tantric lineages, Qi Gong, Himalayan Kriya Yoga. Kendall's background in the Rose Lineage (a Magdalene lineage with ties to Egypt and the Temples of Isis, as well as the Celtic path and druids). Her background as a birth worker/birth doula, energy intuitive (reiki, Guided Energy Medicine, and Theta Healing), and her backgrounds in trauma informed somatic experiencing. And both of their own journeys. We say between the two of us we've kind of hit the full spectrum of things to heal from - sexual abuse, miscarriage, womb surgery/tube removal, HPV, autoimmune disease, nervous system healing...

What is the schedule?

The tentative schedule can be found below, we've listed arrival day and the first full day as an example, and linked the tentative schedule google doc to save space on here. AND we sit in deep prayer and tune in with the process as it gets closer and even during. So this may be subject to change and some of the experiences and initiations are a surprise as we find this is a way to get the most out of them. But if you have any questions about any of them, how they may support, you or if they are right for you where you are at in your journey please reach out. Typically, we meet around 8 for morning practice, have breakfast, then another segment, break for lunch, and either have an afternoon segment or a free afternoon. Then we will have dinner and an evening temple night most nights. 

More questions? DM @kendallnichole_wombhealing on IG or @shaktiunleashed and we can send voice notes back and forth for a more personal feel. Or email if that's your preferred method. 


What's included

  • Accommodations (of your choosing) from May 3rd to 6th at Oz Farms

  • Food from our amazing chef starting dinner on the 3rd until breakfast on the 6th (healthy, nourishing options that can accommodate most food restrictions)

  • A booklet from our immersion that you can take home to continue deepening your practice

  • All circles, workshops, and classes during the retreat

  • Group call before the retreat start date 

  • Group integration call after the retreat ends

Screenshot 2023-01-16 200122.png

Together, Steph and Kendall weave their unique backgrounds to bring you a Temple Immersion that's more than just a retreat. We will journey through practices and group experiences that weave backgrounds of the Rose Lineage, Tantra, Pelvic floor and womb healing, Kriya, and energy healing. If you're feeling called to this, you might be looking to unlayer, release, heal, or transform past experiences related to your womb, your yoni, your sexuality, relationships or connection to self. Perhaps you are looking to deepen your connection to this sacred space, to the mysteries, to spirit. To cultivate a deeper connection with your body and yourself that may ripple out to your relationships.

The womb is the infinite, the void, the mystery. Our bodies as women are ceremony, they purify themselves every month and we go through this cycle of death and rebirth and cycle with the earth/seasons. The cervix is a portal to the divine, literally bringing souls from the spirit world into form. When we connect deeper with the womb, we not only connect deeper with ourselves, but with the earth and spirit/God. We can watch it shift things in our physical reality. As we've found a lot of physical/hormonal ailments are from energetic/emotional roots, and we've watched a lot of things shift for clients by beginning to deepen their connection with their womb. 


At our last immersion, more than half of the women were there because of a sexual trauma they wanted support integrating and moving forward from. And we realized how prevalent this truly is. Whether something quote on quote sexually traumatizing in the frame of this world has happened to us, we've all been impacted by our own stories of birth, our own relationship to sex when we were younger, hormonal shifts, lack of initiations into womanhood in our society, and programming and ancestral beliefs passed down. Here we come to unlayer it all, to lay it all on the altar, and come home to the center of our own core. To joy, to connection, to play and our power. To the womb. This sacred space that can be a place that unconsciously takes in energy, or can be your most powerful portal and fuel your entire life. This is what I've found has been the root of all of my healing, as it's energetics are very intertwined with our root chakra. For me, it has all come home to the womb and my relationship to her, and when I nurture that, my entire life changes and transforms before my very eyes.

In these group containers and my hands on work, I've been honored to witness some big transformations - very visceral trauma releases, opening to greater intimacy with self and partners, transformative orgasmic experiences, ending of chronic yeast infections or UTI's, painful menstrual cycles becoming pain free, accessing cervical orgasms and deeper experiences with partners... And of course, we can't say what will happen for you, but at the very least we will have a lot of fun and explore the depths of our hearts and wombs.

Welcome, love, we'd be so honored to journey with you...

xo Kendall


The Schedule

Here is an example of the arrival day and first day schedule, check this google doc for the full tentative schedule

Wednesday May 3rd

Arrival Time: 4 PM 


Dinner 6-7 PM


Opening Circle & Threshold Crossing 7-8:30PM

Thursday May 4th

8:00-9:30 AM Morning Practice - Grounding the Root Kriya Set


9:30-10:30 AM Breakfast


10:30AM-12:30PM Morning Segment – Womb/Heart,

Rooting & Role of the Nervous System


12:30PM -1:30PM Lunch


1:30PM - 4PM Free Time


4PM-5:30PM Afternoon Segment -


6-7 PM Dinner


7-8:30 PM Evening Segment - Breast/Womb Massage

& womb/heart integration

The Retreat Center:

Oz Farm

This will be hosted at Oz Farm - a beautiful space often hosting weddings, with an organic farm, a redwood grove (so we have that deep anchor of the redwoods), close to mama ocean (we will go there one of the days). In Point Arena, in Mendocino County (one of my absolute favorite places!) The energy here is fresh, grounding, rooting (which is great for this work). There is a wood-fired hot tubs, many cabins on site, a beautiful big barn where we will practice, a fire pit, and a "bathhouse" with a couple of bath tubs for relaxing. It's "rustic chic", where we can be close to nature to really dive into presence with this immersion.

We'd be honored to journey with you love...

We are so honored you are considering diving into this space, this is one of our favorite containers of all time to hold. The last one blew us away to say the least, we brought our all, but there's only so much you can plan and prepare for. And spirit sure did surprise us with the level of depth, connection, and transformation that was co-created with the women there. We are so excited to dive in again after deepening our own paths and studies even more.

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