My Story

Hey there! I'm Kendall

It's so good to have you here <3

I am an intuitive transformation coach, NLP practitioner, and Green Witch 

I support spiritual people to get unstuck and navigate big life transitions with ease and grace, to be in their confidence and intuition, and learn to create their own magic in this life.

And I feel so blessed to be where I am now, having clients who have completely changed their lives, getting to have the personal freedom I desired, and living my magic daily. 

But it wasn't always this way...

Years ago I neeeever could've imagined I would be doing this work.

And for years I resisted the fact that this story was an important part of my path to remembering

But it was -- years ago I lost myself in a relationship

Even with the cheating, drugs, screaming matches, throwing things, manipulations

I still found myself so drawn to this person like a drug and so dependent on them for connecting to my identity

I remember the night it ended - with them high, screaming at me, throwing things against walls, telling me they cheated on me, and I felt guilty (imagine that?) and tried to comfort them and convince them to stay with me.

I was too afraid to go home so I lay there unable to sleep all night having panic attacks.

I had given away my personal power to relationships (long before this moment).

So when it suddenly ended, I truly didn't know what to do with myself.

I didn't know how to be alone, and now with the added pain, it felt too much.

And the panic attacks I had had in the past came back 3x as bad

So in the months following, I found solace in one-night stands (nothing wrong with this by the way but for me, it came from filling a hole, not an empowered place),
And partying often -- meanwhile, my unresolved anger and emotions would come out towards loved ones during this

My dissatisfaction for where I was was affecting my friendships, relationships, my happiness and I didn't know how to be at peace alone.

Eventually, enough was enough

I had one of those epiphany, ah-hah, moments and realized I wanted to find peace and happiness from within and was done with these cycles and patterns.

So I dedicated myself to re-connecting with me, remembering who I was at the deepest soul level, and how to be alone in an empowered state!

To know my soul, and know that I can connect with that power whenever I want - without depending on another to do that.

I spent months alone in Santa Cruz in the forest every day, found support in friends and healers, and did the inner work.

And it took some time, but I learned to LOVE myself and feel so connected to my soul and inner power

And it’s been a cyclical journey, not linear

But I feel so grateful for that point in my life -- because it was a catalyst for the path I'm on now

And why I dedicated myself to growth and learning tools to turn around and help others

And whether you’ve experienced this (or even something more or less extreme),

I know that feeling of losing that connection to yourself can be so painful

And dedicating to a path of growth is not easy, so I honor you!

And ultimately that's why I do what I do, to support people with that through transformational experiences

Because there's so much power in asking for support and learning to do the inner work!

It's so worth it

YOU'RE so worth it!