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pleasure, prosperity + magick immersion

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the point of liberation.

The universe gave me a big ole lesson in changing the pace of my life...

I was gifted a point of liberation - that I could've let shrink me, but instead let rebirth me

After a deadly pregnancy rupture, I went into the depths of physical and emotional healing. I allowed myself to receive in uncomfortable ways, unable to get out of bed for a couple of weeks, all I could do was be present to the grief and the physical pain. I asked for so much support, and used all of the tools I had learned over the years and passed onto clients for my own rebirth. 

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And on the otherside? I finally met a point of closure with my ex where we had a chaotic and karmic dynamic, I cultivated a deeper relationship with my womb and unraveled so much of the somatic trauma from surgery, I was able to go from $30,000 in debt to living in the jungle for a year debt free and thriving in business. 

All because I began listening deeper to my body and Spirit. It got to a point where misalignment was no longer tolerated and it showed me in very visceral ways. I slowed my pace, I took scary leaps and moves (literally) all the time, I stepped into a completely different embodiment of me, and began a whole new path of devotion with my work in sensuality and sexuality.

If you're here...

If you're here, likely, you've been to the depths already, stripped away, met the raw parts of yourself and are ready to birth forth liberated

to not just integrate but let the parts of you that died to fall away instead of holding onto the trauma as an identity 

to open your heart and your womb to the fullness of life 

You're not here for the fluff or to just learn about the spiritual path. You've already been initiated and it's time to rise from the ashes. We no longer need to carry the stories of trauma and wear them like a badge of honor - you are worthy of ease, of pleasure, of prosperity in all forms and to truly be tapped into the magic.

You are ready to step into your path of service and let your own path of devotion guide you in the way you serve. The invitation is to bring in a creative project or business creation at the beginning of this container (working with the energetics of Spring Equinox) to be birthed and to close around the final harvest festival on the wheel of the year (in Fall). The harvest festivals are a time to receive for the work we have done. Working with the energetics of the seasons allows us to flow with the earth vs. trying to make everything happen from a place of hustle.

pleasure:: to truly enjoy this life with presence, we will dive into the realms of sensuality and sexuality. AND the awakening of pleasure is the realization that every moment is pleasurable, if we let go of our resistance and allow the body to experience.

prosperity:: your state of thriving, truly in all areas of life. Money things arise but this is not a make $xxxxx/mo kind of thing. This is true liberation, which becomes magnetic and attracts naturally.

magick:: the unseen, the priestess path, connection to Spirit, living life as a living prayer. Our work together is guided by Spirit and allowing ourselves to get out of the way and be channels.

What this journey looks like


Beginning with the Spring Equinox in June, we will journey deep together on a 7 month journey with 6 months of 1:1 mentorship, coaching, somatic healing, and soul expansion within the realms of pleasure, prosperity and magick. Our deep dive 1:1 together, allows this journey to be personalized to you!

3 1:1 video sessions per month, voice/text communication M-F (vip access), practices and rituals

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As part of this 7-month immersion, you are invited to come to Costa Rica June 11-18th for the Sensual Initiation Immersion - agroup initiative journey into the sensual arts and sensual sisterhood in the magickal jungle mountains of Chirripo. Cleanse your spirit in the river, re-member the path of priestesshood, unravel old trauma stories, and embrace your fullest expression. 

Discount for joining within Liberate, and the other option is to take the month of June as an integration month if you aren't able to make it.

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A monthly group ritual practice or mastermind call flowing with the energetics of the seasons. With an intimate group of sisters on the Liberate journey (5 or less), so we can truly go deep together and amplify the magick we're creating in our 1:1 work.

These might be business energetic focused, or pleasure rituals, or other group explorations.

6 Months 1:1 Mentorship

Monthly group ritual or
mastermind calls

June: Optional
Sensual Initiation Immersion

Month 1: Liberate Self

Energetic foundations and rooting in the body

Rebirth of self 

Somatic trauma release and ceremony

This journey is one of attunement, it is not a course in which there are specific modules or lessons. Although you will have personalize "soul work" or integration practices between sessions. This is a journey of you and of presence with the moment, which is a big part of liberation in the body, presence with the moment. This is a general flow, that is subject to shift based on what Spirit is guiding us in:

Month 2: Liberate your Business

(can be applied to work life or creative projects if you do not have a business)

Creation and channeling, breaking down the paradigms of traditional business

Month 3: Liberate Your Sensuality

Sensual deep dive (if you come to Costa Rica), if taking this month as an integration month, we will weave this more into our time after June. You will have personal pleasure practices to integrate with regardless.

Month 4: Liberate your Sex & Money

Pleasure and receiving, money and sex from the same "root", integrating this into everyday life. Liberation of and through sex without a partner.

Inner to outer union, Hieros Gamos

Month 5: Liberate Your Service

Path of devotion, service, and unwinding the shoulds/have to's.

Stepping into your bad ass witch self who is deeply intuitive, connected to God, is of service through her work and receives abundantly 

Liberation through leadership

Month 6: Liberate your Spirit

You are the oracle.

Month 7: Liberate Your Lifestlye

Magick, ritual and lifestyle design

Relationship with higher vision and the other realms.



  • Ethically sourced crystal yoni egg and wand of your choice ($300 value)

  • Self love care package (yoni steam blend, massage oil, tea...)

  • Goddess Activation self-paced program, lifetime access (normally $1,297)

  • Access to any live virtual courses or workshops led by Kendall free during our time working together

2022 is the year of Union

a 6 in numerology, the number of Venus - pleasure and prosperity are the energetics here, as well as home life. It is the year of Union, particularly inner union of your own masculine and feminine energetics. No longer finding stability in home, in money, in relationship, cultivating deeply rooted stability in your BODY.

This journey is body based (somatically based), it is slowly attuned to you, it is not a "course" with a bunch of modules to work through (although you'll have access to that in your own time). Because of this, this is for someone already at a certain level of devotion in your path of self-exploration. This doesn't mean you need to have worked with coaches or have a business, but there needs to be a willingness to show up for you in and out of our sessions <3 I believe in you!

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