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What is Earth Magick?

My personal Earth Magick practice is a special and potent combination of subconscious reprogramming, energy and embodiment practices, and ritual connections to Mother Earth. With this powerful tool belt, you can access deeper self-exploration and transformation, and unearth a wildness, power, and magic you may not even know exists within you. 

How to Hit All Levels of Growth

To fully transform, you have to hit all the levels of growth: emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental.
You have to shift the internal and the external. There is no long-lasting change without a fully embodied transformation. 

This is exactly why I offer Earth Magic because it approaches transformation from all 4 levels of growth.

Imagine feeling like your most aligned and empowered self, knowing that your outer reality is coming together to match your inner reality. Being connected to the universe/spirit/source so you can intuitively and consistently tap into your magic, power, and impact on this earth. 

Subconscious reprogramming

About 99% of our daily actions are run from our subconscious mind ~ which means if we want to create true change, it's super important to create shifts at a subconscious level. We use elements of NLP & Hypnotherapy to help you create deep change. When you shift the internal, your external reality can shift.

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Energy + Embodiment

Energy is a palpable, animating life force. I help you create a deep relationship with your intuition & cultivate energy management practices. You'll also learn embodiment tools to transmute and alchemize deep rooted emotions, and embody your most powerful and magical self. Unleash the pleasurable and wild sides that may have been kept hidden. 

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Earth Connection + Ritual

Cultiate a deeper connection to spirit, learn to listen to the plants, and sync your energy with the cycles of the Earth. Integrate ritual and magic into your everyday. With the support of these rituals, you will experience more balance of your "masculine" and feminine" sides and be able to channel yor creative energy into powerful action. 


Ready to Unearth Your

Potent Magic?

My 90 day mentorship, Goddess Activation, is one of the most potent ways to dive into Earth Magick and womb work. You will tune your intuition, embody your wild feminine, deepen a connection to pleasure and magnetism, and align your life (and work or business) with the flow of the Earth, so you can amplify your freedom, impact and magick in this earthly realm.  

Interested if this is right for you to launch into the next part of your path? Let's hop on a free call together and explore if we're a good fit <3 no obligation :)
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"Over this short amount of time, I've grown soo much, deepened my connection with myself, my spirituality, grounded myself in ways I thought I couldn't. Kendall is so warm, understanding, healing... I cannot stress enough my gratitude for having her help me through this crazy human experience" -Ayla H.

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