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4-Month Somatic Healing 
1:1 Mentorship Container


come back to joy, deep connection, and purpose

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somatic healing, emotional processing, reset your nervous system, and open to deeper intimacy

Learn powerful tools and techniques that will carry you for the rest of your life

Nervous system resiliency 

Unwind somatic trauma

Cultivate your inner power and joy


Coming home to your radiance

Liberated energy body 

Trusting your self and your intuition

Pleasure attunement - Our Life Force Energy

Womb Healing

Deepened intimacy (with self and partner)

The roots, the soils of this journey...


Who this if for...

The person who's ready. Who knows that it is time to make a change. That is no longer willing to live with things being just fine, but wants extraordinary, liberated, expansive.

Maybe you've already done therapy or layers of somatics, or maybe you are brand new. 

 You see the value in accessing deeper layers of your being, energy body, deeper attuning to the subtle energies and unwinding through the body. 

You desire more magick in all facets of life
You are ready for the process of liberation, and allowing your natural life force to drive you in life and magnetize to you

You know it is time to dive into you first, and then invite someone along as you open.

I'm Kendall.

Womb & Pelvic Care | Three Cauldrons Massage | Nordic/Celtic Energy Worker | Somatic Practitioner | Nervous-System Based Somatic Coaching | Birth & Postpartum Doula 

The journey really began when my psychic gifts spontaneously came online and I found myself incredibly challenged by it. It was not a world I had lived in and didn't have a lot of people around me who got it. But I eventually found my way to energy work, tea, and practices to learn to ground the energy, to discern between myself and others energies, and hone these skills. And then, a couple of years later, it was a close to death pregnancy that deeply initiated me into these arts, so that I could learn to hold myself through it and realize the support women often do not have, to unwind somatic trauma, and re-cultivate safety in my body and nervous system. It also gave me a reverence for pregnancy and birth in a way I had never felt before. The womb is powerful, a portal of creation, the cervix a bridge to the Spirit world. It's a sacred space and deserves to be treated as such.

This path took me deep into temple arts and womb work, and intro refining my own energetics, and was able to birth myself stronger on the other side. I know how these experiences can impact our intimacy and our capacity to open our heart, as well as our physical sensation and even impact physical conditions in the body. 


Through this journey, I've also found these templates to be highly powerful for men, as well, and now do three cauldrons somatic bodywork sessions, private coaching, and retreats for men. 

I believe there is a deep weaving and union between intimacy, creation, and intuition. There's a sort of limiting factor effect in which the growth of the other two are limited by the least expanded of the three. Which means on the flip side, as we grow and expand each, all get to grow and expand.


I am deeply passionate about subtle energies, the understanding of the internal experience, and liberation of our own energy body so we can feel fully alive and free and of service in this lifetime. It is a cultivation and refinement of your own energy field, and cultivating healthy intimacy from that place, and allowing your channel to bring forth creations.

It's about cultivating safety in your nervous system, power in your three cauldrons, and opening to deeper love and a path of inspiration and creation. 

The journey...

Month 1: Entering the World of Somatics & Subtle Energy 

Kicking off with an initial 90-min session 

I'll give you access to Foundation: a membership space where you can begin to settle into the world of somatics & cultivation (4-month access) 

Re-Awaken the Magic - recorded mini immersion that'll help orient you towards Magic, opportunity, and magnetism 

Voice, text, audio communication/coaching available all month (normally $450/mo on its own)


Month 2: Unwinding & Liberation - Nervous system & Somatic Rewiring, unwinding somatic trauma 

3 sessions 

(1 can be in person, or all 3 can be virtual) 

Personalized modules with specific teachings or practices 

Voice, text, audio communication/coaching available all month 


Month 3: The Womb & Feminine Body - embodiment, dearmouring, and opening gateways in the womb and heart. Expanding your capacity 

 3 sessions (1 can be in person, or all 3 can be virtual) 

Personalized modules with specific teachings or practices 

Voice, text, audio communication/coaching available all month 

Gift: Crystal Yoni Wand for dearmouring and opening the womb 


Month 4: Intimacy & Relationship: deepening your union if you have one/preparing for one if currently single, a baseline of appreciation, love and joy. 

3 sessions (1 can be in person, or all 3 can be virtual) 

Personalized modules with specific teachings or practices 

 Voice, text, audio communication/coaching available all month (throughout the journey, these topics will all interweave and be touched on, but this is the overarching journey)


nurturing your rich soils
unearthing your creative fire
tending the roots of your nervous system
embracing the sweetness of life

I'd love to speak heart to heart

So what's next? If this is striking something within you, express your interest with the form below and we will schedule an exploration call to drop in more and explore if this is the right fit. You may be wondering what the investment is - because there are options and because I truly want to be of service to those who want to receive in whatever way possible, I share this in a face to face conversation. And if it doesn't seem this is the right way to partner once you send in the form, I may suggest something else or on the call we can decide the best next step. 

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