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Liberate Your Story ::
a (pre) winter solstice women's retreat

Stripping the layers of disconnection from 2021 and returning to your core essence

Dec 17th-20th
Ukiah, CA

we are storytelling creatures... it's how we connect, share, learn.

how archetypes and morals have been passed from generation to generation.


And yet, with our overstimulated environment and the chaos of 2021, we've been inundated with stories that keep us looped in karma, drama, shadow patterns, and disconnection, unless we actively choose differently.

The energy of Winter Solstice and Yule is slow; it's inward...


to unlayer the mind loops from this year that fog our truth, and drop deeper into the core root of our individual and collective soul stories, and our own self-liberation.


a liberation that is calm, that is neutral, that is still.

that does not need to make a big display, yet finds liberation in the stillness of self.

together we enter the void of winter, this gestation period so that we may rebirth into spring, choosing our more powerful stories, preparing to create from this place. Coming back to what's truly important - connection (to self and sisters), syncing with the earth mother's rhythms, depth, living our core essence and truth.

Integration, shedding, stripping, gestating, relaxing. Returning to ourselves as powerful creators.

We work with the energy of the season, a potent time right before solstice to shed these stories and return to our root as winter calls us deeper within. When we resist the energy of winter we burn ourselves out, when we work with these cycles, we rebirth into our Liberation in Spring. 

The Location: Yokayo Ranch

Yokayo Ranch is located in the heart of Mendocino County surrounded by the iconic golden rolling hills which are home of the ancient oaks and towering redwoods. The valley floor is filled with organic farms and family run wineries. The property is located on 40 acres and several of those acres are devoted to our farm called Yokayo Roots Farm. Yokayo Ranch is a  place of serenity, it is magical. ​The Bunk House (where we will be staying) is the oldest house on the property, built in the early 1900s. There is plenty of space to walk and take in the beauty, a saltwater pool, hot tub, and fire pit.

Screenshot 2021-11-18 125710.png

Rooming Options:

"Bunk Room" (8 spaces total) - there are 4 single beds, and 2 shared double beds in this room $999 for one space here


Shared Queen Bed in 2 Person Room $1,111 (2 spaces total)


Solo (your own) Full Bed (2 spaces total)  - Think Luxury Bunk Beds in Semi-Enclosed Space -- more energetic spaciousness for integration $1,111


Luxury King Solo Cabin (separate from main house, view here)- separate cabin by the pool for those desiring a deeply spacious, luxury weekend. 2 Available (they can be shared, please email me to coordinate) $1,777 solo, $1,444 per person shared.

Check the reservation link for up-to-date-availability:

Screenshot 2021-11-18 130410.png
Screenshot 2021-11-18 130335.png
Screenshot 2021-11-18 130355.png
Screenshot 2021-11-18 130541.png
Screenshot 2021-11-18 130427.png

This is an unlayering, an undressing of the stories keeping you disconnected from your soul and your true essence. It's a coming back to the root of love and connection. A returning home to the connection within and between sisters, a repairing of any energetic fracturing in the field. All in slowness, as nature slows during this time. As we go deeper into the depths of winter, we too go deeper into renewal and restoration here, into the void, the energy of the crone from which we rebirth.


Essences of this retreat and what you'll experience/receive:



the void



authentic sister connection


heart cracking open into love



creative channeling

body love and integration

womb connection 

nature spirits

Settling of the nervous system

Confidence and trust that comes with liberating self from disempowering stories

It also feels like a counsel... yes I'm here to hold the space and offer practices and journeys and bring people together, and yet your medicine is so welcome. In fact, it's needed! Bring it all, share it all, allow yourself to be witnessed in it as we all step into our channels here. My desire is for this to be less of me "teaching" and more of a collective sharing of our hearts and souls, a co-creative energetic space, where there's no hierarchy and we are all in deep sisterhood union. Winter is time for integration, not inundation of more information.


The Flow of the Weekend

Spirit is still revealing the full flow (so this is intentionally vague), so part of this is relaxing into the mystery

Friday : Arrival Day

Arrival in the afternoon and syncing into the land


Opening Ceremony


Tea ceremony, slow morning & energetic attunement

Creative workshopping and authentic alchemy circles

Nature adventure & communion


Sensorium Temple Night -- sensual experiencing (my fave!)


Tea ceremony, slow morning, & energetic attunement

Connection games, creative workshopping/authentic alchemy

Self love body & touch practices for inner union

Winter solstice microdose & fire ceremony

Monday: Departure Day

Breakfast and final closing


Space holder for the retreat:

Kendall Nichole

Feminine Embodiment Coach, Earth Witch, Rose Priestess

Kendall’s personal mission is to support a collective Re-membering. To specifically support women in remembering their innate power and wisdom. To guide people to remember the interconnection we have with the Earth and with Magick.

With focuses on somatic healing, trauma release, channeling, liberation, and sensuality.


What's Included?

  • 3 Nights Accommodation at Yokayo Ranch in Ukiah

  • Nourishing foods cooked with love beginning with Friday dinner and ending with Monday breakfast 

  • all practices, journeys, experiencing during the retreat (experiences you will take with you for a lifetime)

  • 1 pre-retreat group session via zoom

  • 1 post-retreat integration session via zoom



  • option 2 upgrade with 2 75-minute 1:1 creative channeling sessions post new year for $333 (normally $200 each) 

  • access to discounts ($555 off total) for those who also enroll in 3-6 month private mentorship (1 space left beginning before the end of the year, email me to apply)

Screenshot 2021-08-13 094245.png

If you're feeling the nudge, even if there are other emotions present (maybe fear or nervousness), I encourage you to take a moment and close your eyes. Breathe into the body and ask yourself is this in your highest alignment. Allow yourself to feel what's true in your body past the fear and programming. If you'd like to connect to ask questions and feel if this is right for you, you can book a connection call below.

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