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Fern Plant

ready to step into your most magical self?

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Soul Expand

Private Coaching + Retreats

Both in person and distance experiences - this is for the person who is ready to dive deep and step into their power.

Connect with your confidence and clarity, get unstuck, live more purposefully and create momentum towards the impact you desire to have in this world.

We will dive in at a subconscious and energetic level and bring in aaalll the magic and ritual to the experience.

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Group Program + Retreat

A 2 month virtual group experience with other like-minded souls - and a bonus weekend retreat in California. 

Gain clarity and confidence in yourself, truly know yourself on a soul level and live that everyday, connect with the energy of abundance and possibility and design your lifestyle in a way that holds space for your biggest dreams!





Both in-person and distance treatments

As a practitioner trained in the Usui Shiki Ryoho method by SF Reiki Center, I focus on creating nourishing, relaxing and healing experiences


Reiki or 'universal life energy', can support energetic, emotional, and physical healing. 



Meghan B.

"Kendall is a superwoman! After finding her on Instagram, I reached out and we had a 60min one-time call that changed my life.

Using TIME techniques, she was able to help me shift limiting beliefs that I have held for the past three years as I've been growing my businesses.

In the week following our appointment, I was the MOST productive human ever: I launched my 1:1 mentorship program, I recorded two yoga videos and one audio meditation, and finally finished my website. I also was approached to be a guest on a podcast! I don't think this would have been possible if I hadn't had such a welcome, warm, and knowledgeable person in my corner.

Working with Kendall is definitely going to be an on-going thing as I build my self-care empire!

If you are thinking about working with Kendall, do it! Her soul shines so brightly that it will light up your life...even if you live in another country.

Much love and endless gratitude to a creative, wise woman."

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Laurence A.

"Kendall helped me shift to gain more clarity and confidence in my abilities when I was feeling stuck in a rut.

She used different techniques that helped me visualize my goals and realize how much power I have in my own hands. She also helped me come up with underlying stories and experiences that were still affecting me and sabotaging my efforts around my own business.


We were able to come up with specific goals that felt aligned and action steps that felt right for me.


She gave me practical tips to go away with and guided me through visualization exercises that I can tap into whenever I need.


She was so patient and encouraging whilst providing me with the kick in the butt that I needed! Highly recommend whether you are seeking more in your personal, health, career, or spiritual life -


Kendall is your gal!"