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In Person Sessions

1:1 Sessions with Kendall are typically done in Nevada City, CA (near Grass Valley, zip code 95959) in a private space. If we are not near each other, you are welcome to come here for deeper private immersions (1/2 day to full weekend), or we can explore working together from a distance (see 3-6 mo. application under programs tab). 


These are all 1:1 session offerings below, and if you have interest in group workshops or presentations reach out to inquire (these can be done with companies, schools, teens, etc). 1-Off sessions are available and it may be recommended to do a series depending on your desires and what brings you here. Let's chat more and see what we can co-create and what might be most supportive. 

Fill out the form at the bottom to request a session or schedule a free consultation.

Ceremonial Womb-Heart Massage

For pelvic floor health, trauma release, postpartum care, rerouting a healthy flow of energy, & womb and heart healing


2 Hour sessions

(Currently sliding scale $180-333)

A series of at least 3 sessions is recommended as there are layers in the unwinding within the womb and heart, and we can work with the energetics of the maiden, mother, and crone within the energy body, but we can decide what's best together. 

For postpartum, I offer a postpartum program that is 3 months with bi-weekly sessions (starting 6-8 weeks postpartum).


The 2 Hour is a rose womb heart temple bodywork session and the 4 hour is a full immersive ritual container with the bodywork session in the middle.


This is hands on bodywork/massage, yet is almost like energy work as we work deeply in the quantum realms. It is ceremony and ritual.


The 4 hour allows us to create a true temple immersion experience - with tea ceremony, coaching, breath, yoni steaming, bodywork, hydrogen therapy for cellular regeneration, and integration/practices to take with you into your daily life. Walking away with elements that can literally rewire your reality if you choose. If you are coming from a distance or flying in, people often choose to do 3 4-hour days and create a mini private retreat, book a call to explore that option.


In these sessions, I work with my background in the Rose Lineage (a Magdalene Priestess Lineage) and as a Birth Doula and we work with the gateways in the body that are often taboo in traditional massage (jaw, throat, breasts, and womb, and the yoni as well although not in a first session).


These sessions can bring more hormonal balance, can support tilted pelvises, re-routing healthy sexual energy, pelvic toning, trauma release, scar tissue unwinding, can support postpartum, and a number of other physical benefits as well as more of a sense of wholeness and love within self.

Hydrogen Therapy Session


​Just a handful of ailments it can support: 

  • helps to reduce oxidative stress damage throughout the body including the brain

  • help both chronic and acute causes of cellular stress

  • feel happier and more energetic

  • chronic infections

  • methylation problems

  • autoimmune diseases

  • stress from traffic, work, toxic relationships, or – let’s be real – just life.

30min - $30, 1 hr - $50

In these sessions, we will set you up with the H2 machine in a space where you can relax, with a custom blended pot of herbal tea and relaxing music. You will gently inhale the hydrogen, and can also drink the spring water that is infused by the machine. 

In the beginning will serve you tea, guide you through a meditation and energy hygiene practices, then will allow you to sink into your own space and we will close and ground the energy at the end.


The H2Genesys is an incredible machine and hydrogen therapy can be supportive for a multitude of ailments and general health and wellbeing. The multidimensional benefits of hydrogen have shown to reduce pain, enhance brain health, promote healthy ageing and longevity, and influence injury recovery.

It can combat oxidative stress, help neuropathy, be supportive during cancer and autoimmune diseases, as well as support allergies and asthma and regenerate on mitochondrial levels. Learn more here/

Desiring to Schedule a Session? Fill out the form below to inquire more <3 Even if you are not sure which would be right for you, go ahead and fill this out and we can hop on a call to chat more about it. 

(These and all sessions run on full resonance and will only work with people where there's a full yes from Spirit and 110% alignment)

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.


I've never had this combination of body and energy work before but highly recommend if you're wanting to release trauma, move through energetic blocks or just cultivate a deeper relationship to your feminine body in the presence of an attuned, skillful other.

I felt called to work with Kendall because I have some energetic blocks sexually that I think are tied to trauma held in my body that isn't normally accessible in my everyday consciousness.

The whole session was just held really beautifully and sensitively, from talking over my intentions over herbal tea in her beautiful garden space, to the attention to detail opening the shamanic container in the session room, to checking in about how the session had been afterwards.

I wasn't expecting to have such a profound, noticeable trauma release in the session, I experienced cathartic shaking, crying, and releasing of stuck trauma during the womb massage. I never felt alone and Kendall was perfectly attuned to my pacing, I felt safe to feel what I needed to feel and really felt like I was able to let something go and felt more spaciousness afterwards.

This is deep sacred work and Kendall guides you empathically and skillfully, you couldn't be in better hands.

Olivia, Ceremonial Womb-Heart Massage

Working with Kendall has been life-changing.  She leads with incredible intuition, grace, purpose, and LOVE!!!  With her guidance, I was able to distill my soul essence, awaken to the power and wisdom of my womb, and build routines and systems that will allow me to fully live my life's purpose. If you feel called to work with Kendall, do it!!! I expect you'll gain more from it than you could ever fathom.

Erin, Energy Healing/Somatic-Emotional Healing/Sensual Embodiment Coaching

Intuitive Energy Clearing + Channeling

Screenshot 2022-01-14 091419.png

90-min sessions | 

In these sessions I bring a blend of backgrounds from Reiki Energy Healing, Theta Healing, to Guided Energy Medicine (a form of Shamanic energy medicine that works with mediumship), and intuitive and Akashic Channeling. A beautiful way to receive. We will have some time to drop in and talk before and after, and you'll be given some tools to continue working with your own clearing and energy attunement after. Because truly this works the best and longer term if you are learning to do your own energy healing on a quantum level, so it's one part receiving and one part attuning to your own channel. There's only so much that can be shared here, as we work on the quantum levels, to shift and co-create reality with Spirit.

These sessions are truly a co-creation, and we bring in more tangible body-based tools, as well, to access your body's wisdom, unlock stuck emotions, and expand your body's capacity (nervous system capacity, capacity for pleasure, and to trust/access your innate wisdom and connection to Spirit).


Wonderful if you're feeling a desire for support in clearing or gaining clarity in areas of life, or unwind repetitive patterns in the mind or body. Focuses can range from unwinding somatic trauma, to intuition development, to coaching around sexuality/sensuality and tools to deepen your connection there.

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