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Distance One-Off Sessions

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Free Liberated Leadership Clarity Call

Normally $160 - free for new clients only. This is a space to gain clarity and also explore what it's like to work together. This is wonderful if you're feeling drawn to deepen into one of the other offerings (perhaps longer term private work or a group program or maybe you're not sure and that's okay) and would like to explore that with no pressure. Whether we work together or not, you'll receive guidance and clarity from this session.

A Liberated Leader is one who is fully expressive, she is sensually awakened, she knows how to transmute intergenerational trauma and current life trauma through her body, she is trusting and intuitive, she is creative and clear...


How this call looks:

  • 45-60 min for new clients

  • create clarity about what you want to cultivate and create and call in

  • identify what may be creating resistance or "blocking you"

  • receive insights on how to alchemize those blocks to liberate your leadership

  • we can also talk more about what it would be like to support you more deeply to accomplish that, but know there is absolutely no pressure and the core intention is support here and now

90-Minute Immersion with 1 Week Email Support

For those who are ready to dive deeper, but perhaps aren't ready for a longer term immersion. This is best if you have one particular thread you are wanting to work with. Either one situation that's feeling quite intense, perhaps something that keeps showing up in a relationship, or you're wanting clarity around life path and business.

There are four core focuses you can choose from to shape our container (although each session is a personalized space and channeled). This just helps us both to co-create something fine tuned and powerful within 1 session:

  • Feminine Essence Embodiment: exploring the embodiment of sensuality, radiance, and love

  • Intuition Development and Clarity: feeling indecisive, a lack of trust, and overwhelm? Let's drop into your inner oracle <3

  • Creatrix: anchoring your inner King and the power of your womb (to support business, creations, and beyond)

  • Somatic Alchemy: for unlayering one specific thread of tension/trauma through the body and cultivating another layer of safety, releasing of emotions and energy* stored from past experiences


We might use somatic and embodiment tools, practices or tools that work with the subconscious mind, elements of magick and energy work, and coaching techniques. All from a trauma-informed background.

Screenshot 2021-08-09 181652.png
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