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What Would Be Possible For You If You Turned ON Your Moon Magic?

And no, magic is not just a fluffy term found in fairytales, but simply another word for FEMININE ENERGY!

Do you feel like you have trouble regularly connecting to your feminine energy?​

Are you still searching for your like-minded community to grow with, share your soul secrets, and create magic with?

Are you wondering where the magic is?

Are you craving those little moments of magic in your daily life?


Tapping into powerful

feminine forces

Embracing your feminine energy and flow

Tapping into your own magic and the magic of sisterhood

How Does It Work?

A 3-month seasonal series for magic seekers to embrace their feminine energy and ancestral wisdom, connect to the cyclical rhythms of their body and nature, and form intentional community.

Early Bird Price (until Feb 28th): $188

Regular Price (until March 20th): $211

Kicks off officially at the start of April

Includes shipping within the US

(International shipping will be extra)


Rather pay in monthly prices?

Payment plans are available!

What's Included?

Moon Magic Box to match the energy of the Spring season ($65 value)


Monthly New Moon Ceremony via zoom


Monthly Full Moon activity


Monthly guided hypnosis or meditation


Astrology guide (from @lealilyyy) each month to map out astrological happenings and the astrology of the moon phases


Supplemental support to help you connect deeper with your personal cycles and feminine energy


Private Facebook group for the community to share and connect

At the end of the 3 months of membership, you will learn and feel a deeper connection with the earth, be more aligned with nature's cycles, and practice stepping into your personal magic.

This is your call to finally prioritize and connect with your magical essence.



What's included in the Moon Magic Box?

Some of this is left to the imagination because it makes it more fun! But what I can tell you is there will be a medicinal, herbal tea blend and another fun herbal item both crafted by me, a crystal to welcome the Spring energy, my signature moon journal to use with the moon cycles, and a couple other surprise goodies for creating everyday magic in your space.

When will the box be sent?

The box is sent at the beginning of the three months in time for the first New Moon of the season.

What kind of initial guidance will be given?

There will be an intro-guide included with the box with suggestions for each item, how to use your moon journal and also a breakdown guide of how to work with the energy of each of the 8 moon phases.

What is it like doing calls over Zoom?

Honestly great! I have worked with both coaches and clients via Zoom and been able to deeply connect. Energy can be felt in other ways than just in-person. The amazing thing is that it brings people together from all over!

Is there shipping included?

Shipping is included in domestic orders within the US, but will be extra for international.

International orders will be a separate invoice for shipping (will subtract the cost of domestic shipping).

Alternatively, you can select the option without the Moon Box and just the group experience.

Will it automatically re-ship after 3 months?

Nope! You will not automatically be subscribed for the next season. Of course, I’d love to have you and each season will be completely unique.

Is this for women only?

Anyone is welcome who wants to embrace their feminine side (everyone has both masculine and feminine energy), connect more with the earth, and will respect the community.

How will the rest of the content be delivered each month?

The content will be delivered through email and the private Facebook group.

The most powerful gift you can give yourself is connecting to your moon magic.


Have more questions? Please go ahead and reach out on Facebook.

xx Kendall Nichole

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